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Say cheese!

Images taken seconds before disaster.
At least Siren Head is smiling for the camera!

Siren Head of course belongs to the amazing slimyswampghost 
on Twitter.

Edit (16.05.20): This now has been featured in a video by SCP Exploration on YouTube!… 
Sure, Siren Head is no SCP but hey, glad people like my art 8D
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yeah not sure why he wasn't runing

did you draw this?

i am a newbie so i don't know much(:

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Of course I did, wouldn't upload anything I didn't make. :D

oh ok sorry i don't know what i'm doing

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Don't worry, we all gotta start somewhere!

Rip camera man. He was a great person

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that guy should be running not taking a picture, stupid what people do when there about to die.

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Very accurate, the art gives me an airy feeling, like an urge to run
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Glad to hear that! :D

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lol that guys got some nerve to take pictures that close up

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The things some people do for views :P

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WOWSER this is one of a kind mate!

So cool! I love that the person got out to film it, it's so accurate but makes me laugh so much~
The atmosphere is really cool, too, the rainy/moody colours work so well!
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Thank you! I first had the idea of someone just standing there in awe for scale but I felt this would add a bit more flavor to it lol
And thanks for that as well, I'm also really happy with it!
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Grace à ceux dessin j'ai découvert le tag sirene head

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Oh geez! Every time I click on the next it’s better than the one before and I’m surprised at what I’m seeing ....

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Crazy wild and freaky - fascinating creation. Awesome work. Come take a look at my page.
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Damaged eardrums

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Siren Head just wants to be your friend.
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