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Just a quick message to let you know that 2014 is happening on July 6th, 2014 in Warren, Ohio! It starts at 11 AM and ends at 5 PM, and admission is only $3, though kids under 6 years old get in for free. There are two big guests that I know about so far: Darryl Banks (co-creator of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner) and Jim Steranko (legendary artist who made Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. cool). More details are being hammered out, but there's also supposed to be a cosplay panel, too. There are more details on their Facebook page:…

I'll be in artist's alley again with prints and previews of things that aren't on the Illmosis Network sites yet, so stop by my table even if you want to check out the new stuff!
This is the sequel to that classic era update from earlier this year when I posted sprites of Ms. Pac-Man and Pooka. The update is focused on games from before 1986. There are over a dozen new scratch-made sprites, an assortment that ranges from the Space Invader (the freaky monster from the arcade cabinet art) to Mr X from Kung-Fu Master (the arcade version). I also added two new backgrounds to the generators: a 3-D rendered Pac-Maze and a pixel art arcade (complete with neon lighting). Check it out the newness and let me know if you like it!

The site is here:
I just got a drawing assignment a bit after the ScrollBoss 12th Anniversary. There are lots of pictures to draw with a serious deadline, so I won't be very active here for about a month. Once that's done, I'll try to make special versions of the SB12th update's sprites (mostly slapping logos on) and posting them here.
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I've been so busy lately that I forgot to post that I'd been busy. I'll post about that later. Right now, it's time to point you in the direction of the big 12th Anniversary update for ScrollBoss filled with pixel art.

The site news post about it:…

I won't be posting everything here and a few won't be posted until I get a get a specific group together. The update includes two versions of Samus Aran in armor, Bill and Lance from Contra (arcade and NES outfits), Hawk and Boomer from Konami's Vendetta (a.k.a. Crime Fighters 2), Tyris Flare's Golden Axe fighting stance, the Lady Master of Kung Fu (that's the name of the game and you never see the character names, so...) the annoying Skeleton from Golden Axe, and enemies from Shinobi and Double Dragon. I also added ripped sprites and animations from Sunset Riders (YEEEEHOOO!), Mystic Warriors (a.k.a. Sunset Riders with ninjas) and Karate Blazers.

All of these characters were added to the Graphic Generators so you can make sprite scenes and fake screenshots with them and many have alternate palettes that I was too lazy to put in the custom sprite gallery. Here's a link to the G.G. index page:…

I hope you like the new stuff and I'll be adding new sprites and art to the gallery very soon!
There have been three updates to the ScrollBoss site this week to celebrate being back in semi-regular update mode again. I just added the last one which features a huge Graphic Generator/Fake screenshot maker update and upgrade. I added a lot of KoF characters, KoF sprites to SNK & Capcom characters (and remade my KoF Billy and Jimmy Lee edits), Super Dodge Ball Kunio-Kun sprites, Darkstalker characters and some scratch-made sprites I'll be adding to my gallery here at some point. Here's the news post:…

I hope this will keep people busy for a while because I have commission work to finish and a project to draw and the update will be light for a while. The important thing was to get the new GFX Generator system improvements up and working so future updates will just be added content (backgrounds, sprites, etc.).
I have a post on my site asking for suggestions for the following things:

1.) favorite Avatar/Sig dimensions
2.) Sprite Tutorials suggestions
3.) Old School Game box recreations
4.) Mini-logo requests
5.) Blog comments
6.) GFX Generator backgrounds

Note: the mini-logo requests granted will be either the top 5 that are most requested or the ones that I like the most or feel are the most necessary. I'll do more than that if I can but no promises.

Read the page on the site for full details and explanations.…

Please leave the replies on that page I linked to if you can post. One reason that I'm doing this is to make sure that it's easy for other people to leave comments on the weblog posts. Thanks for your time!
There are quite a few new scratch-made sprites and sprite edits in this update and a ton of Marvel-related character additions to the GFX Generators. The scratch-made sprites will be added posted to dA sooner or later.

This will also be the last ScrollBoss update for a few months while I work on some important projects.

This link will take you to the full update log and links to the specific sections:…
The show: it went well enough. I couldn't get a lot of prints made because I bought the tablet but I still had a great time.
My birthday: went much better than expected. Laid-back weekend, many unexpected gifts (gift cards to some of my favorite places, 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 and more)

ScrollBoss: the 11th Anniversary is coming up but don't expect anything big to happen other than an announcement. I'll probably have a post here about that when it happens.

Commissions: I finally put a list together of art services/prices along with a website page to go with it:…

There are two pixel art commission slots open NOW. This is scratch-made pixel art and not sprite edits. I'll make another post when I'm ready for line art commissions again.
All Americon convention in Warren, OH this Sunday!
Here's the Facebook page with details:…

It looks like a lot of artists will be back again along with lots of comic and toy retailers so come check it out. I won't have as many prints as I wanted this year but I probably have enough for the event. I do have another party flyer to give out (for FREE!) but I just realized that I may not have enough of that either. I still have some from last year so I'll give those out if I run out. I will try not to blow all my profits on G.I.JOE figures.
Yes, I'm finally getting a tablet. I need advice from those who have them. It will probably have to be mail-ordered so online seller tips will be helpful. I can't afford a super-fancy tablet so please try to keep price in mind, too. I'm looking around on various sites for prices, reviews, etc. but it's better to hear from people I know to get honest feedback.


I'd like to thank all of you fine party people for posting advice about the pad. I just ordered the Wacom pad I linked to in the comments. It will take me a while to get used to it but it should lead to a lot more line art output from me since it will be easier to clean up my scanned art.
I'm currently getting some things ready for the All Americon convention on May 15th in Warren, Ohio. I'll have a table there and will be selling things again. A lot of awesome artists set up at the first one and many of them will be back this time. They still have tables available for $35 if you want to take part. There was a surprising amount of traffic last time and I think this time will be even better. Admissions is only TWO DOLLARS and that means you can get in and still have money to buy stuff. What a crazy concept! Here's the Facebook page with more info:…

One of the things I'm trying to work on is the black-and-white Illmosis Scrapbook #1. It will be filled with random things including a slightly-altered version of the teaser for Nutroll: the Illness. There will be character pages, bonus art, things you won't see on the website and possibly the revelation of what the "When the War Begins Again" project is really called. I'll be selling this through my Illmosis site, too. Let me know if there's a character that you really want to see get their own page in the book or don't be mad that they're not in there!

There are some recent things that I forgot to post here but I'll try to add them when I get the chance. Pics that I still plan to draw including Optimus Prime, Kilowog (Green Lantern) and Kazan from Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran. I will be concentrating on drawn art for a while but will get back into pixel art mode after the convention. I plan to draw more than sprite this year but I still have plans for lots of sprites, a few portraits and even some backgrounds.
There's going to be a sale at the Warren, Ohio location on that Friday along with some artists (including my sorry self) selling scribbles and whatnot. I'll have prints and some of those free 2010 party flyers with me, too. If anyone is interested in getting a table, send me a PM and I'll put you in contact with one of the people there. This is short notice and would've been posted earlier if I weren't a complete dummay.
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A wild Commission Slot appeared!
** EDIT: and disappeared. Details at the end of the message **

The prices have been adjusted a bit. Again, these are base prices that can be adjusted according to the amount of detail and other things about what you want drawn. Something simple will cost less but wanting me to draw insane detail (like a man made out of 10,000,001 individually drawn thumbtacks) will cost more. Unlike many surly people, I can be bargained and reasoned with. Please send me a PM if you're ready to buy some scribbles!

These are digital commissions. The original art is drawn at 8.5 x 11 inches, scanned and digitally cleaned at 300 dpi. The prices are for the basics and will be higher or lower depending on the amount of detail and complexity of the design. Simple designs will be cheaper and complicated ones will be a bit more expensive due to the extra time, effort and so on. I'll send a low-res preview to make sure everything's okay and you'll get the final version upon payment. Note: I'm not a portrait artist so I can't copy real people's faces 100%. Sorry, no pornographic content. Let me know what file format you need the finished product in, too. Payments by Paypal in U.S. dollars. Zenni, Mushroom Kingdom coins, Hyrule Rupees not accepted.

Full single character shots, no background:
Black & White, inked: $14
Coloring styles:
Flat color: +$3
3-level shading (flat color + 1 highlight and shadow): +$6
Full, smooth shading, glowing effects, etc. : +$14

Pixel art:
Sprites: PM or e-mail for details
64 x 26 minilogos : $1 (PM or e-mail for details)

Commissions are now closed because I now have one request and another long-standing commission request that just kicked in.
I got two assignments with one possibly being the work of two (which is cool with me) so commissions are closed for this round. I'd like to give a huge thanks to the two people who have given me assignments. I'll be giving you both extra stuff for helping me out in a time of need!

I'll be adding a Commission price/info page to the Illmosis site at some point so I can just link to that from now on. I'm going to keep things mostly split up in short rounds so I can make sure that all visual deliveries are timely. Please send me a PM if you're thinking about a commission but not ready yet and I'll give you first dibs at an open art slot when the next round is ready.
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Yeah, finally. I'm going to try and start off small here. If you need something cheaper, but not free, we can probably work something out through Personal Messages on dA. These prices are for this batch of commissions only. One slot per person for this round. This will become a regular thing if this goes well and good, repeat customers will get bonus stuff for being awesome people. Here's the copy and pasted list for this round:

These are digital commissions. The original art is drawn at 8.5 x 11 inches, scanned and digitally cleaned at 300 dpi. The prices are for the basics and will be higher or lower depending on the amount of detail and complexity of the design. Simple designs will be cheaper and complicated ones will be a bit more expensive due to the extra time, effort and so on. I'll send a low-res preview to make sure everything's okay and you'll get the final version upon payment. Note: I'm not a portrait artist so I can't copy real people's faces 100%. Sorry, no pornographic content. Let me know what file format you need the finished product in, too. Payments by Paypal in U.S. dollars. Zenni, Mushroom Kingdom coins, Hyrule Rupees not accepted.

Full single character shots, no background:
Black & White, inked:                                    $12
Coloring styles:
Flat color:                                              +$3
3-level shading (flat color + 1 highlight and shadow):   +$6
Full, smooth shading, glowing effects:                   +$14

Smaller than 128x128         :                           PM or e-mail for details
Fighting game (up to 112x144):                           +$7
Larger than 128x128          :                           PM or e-mail for details
64 x 26 minilogos            :                           $1 (PM or e-mail for details)

This is my first time taking commissions like this so I apologize in advance for any confusion here. Again, feel free to PM about rates because asking for a simple character is much less than asking me to draw a guy that's made out 1,000,000,000,000 individually-drawn thumb tacks :)

edit: I got two commissions including one that may be the work of two, which pretty much evens things out. Thanks a ton to the two takers!
There are a lot of sprite edits, some sprites made from scratch, a new graphic generator, a redone and revived old humor article in the Minus World section with a brand new pic and more things that I can't remember because I'm so tired right now. So, so tired. But it's all for you to enjoy at the following link:

Some of the scratch-made sprites and artwork made for the update will be added here sooner or later. I'll probably be tired for while. Still, enjoy and please let me know what you think about the new stuff!
The 10th Anniversary for ScrollBoss, my action-adventure video game appreciation site, is on July 19th, 2010. I've been secretly toiling, plotting and planning things for it for over a year. Many things won't be done for the day itself because they're too ambitious. But there will be a big update on the day itself. You'll see some new scratch-made sprites added the week after the update and many will be characters that won't surprise you. I'll probably start uploading the update at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) so you may see some things transform or just plain break if you go there then. Many old things, like random characters jumpkicking in front of the ScrollBoss S in the page headers and the Big Boss tribute poster on the index page will be GONE after that. Certain sections, like MugenBoss, already have part of their new look in effect.

Remember: it starts July 19th. There will be lots of sprites and surprises.  It's the main reason why I'm not very active on dA (or any other place) right now so just know that I'm working hard to give you a lot of fun things to enjoy very, very soon.
I'm going to be there so come see how I fail at having an art table! Yes, I'll be selling artwork there! If you like that goofy Illmosis Megajam 2010 flyer I made, you can get one of those by stopping at the table.

All AmeriCon Facebook page:…

Market on the Square website and directions (where the event is taking place)…
The event: All AmeriCon
The date: May 2nd, 2010!
The place: Downtown Warren's  "Market on the Square" 125 Wast Market St. Warren, Ohio

The owner of the All-American Comics, the best comic shop I've been to on this or any other planet, is putting a Comic, Toy and Art show together. Admission? As the kid on the bike says, TWO DOLLARS! That's the kind of price where you can afford to buy things after getting in the joint... a novel concept! There will also be Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh tourneys going on. Yes, Magic the Gathering and not actual magic (which is probably illegal in Ohio somehow). This is the first year for it and everyone is hoping that it will be a yearly event that isn't murder on the wallet. If you're on Facebook, there's more info in the following link:…
...or just look up "All American Comics" on Facebook. If you need info and the link doesn't work, send me a note and I'll pass you the contact info.

Yes, I'm going to be there... WITH A TABLE. First convention table EVER.
I've talked about doing this for a while now but I'm finally going to do it this year. The Illmosis Scrapbook will be some sort of book, probably an ashcan book, with a bunch of random stuff in it with things related to my site. Characters like Nutroll, Twofold, Passion Tanaka and the Ace of Clubs will be in it. There will be a tiny bit of ScrollBoss stuff in there and Endless Duck, the duck that can beat up galactic heralds, may show up. Depending on how much time I have to do it, there may be a preview of this completely insane thing I've been planning for over 3 years and will hopefully get started in the middle of this year. It will be a mix of stuff that's online, things that aren't online yet and a few things that will NEVER be online. I won't know how much it will cost until the size and format are worked out. I'll be bringing this with me to any convention I'm able to hit this year.

Here's my question: what do YOU want to see in it? Are there characters that you want to see more of and learn more about? I'm going to be doing some action art of various characters for the book and I want you to help me choose who gets the action shots. I have pictures of a few characters on dA but many more are in this gallery on my site:…

... and I have some character profile pages here:…

and I'll be adding more to both in the coming weeks so people have more to choose from. Let me know what you want to see and thanks for your time!
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