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Aquaman and Flapjack Adventure

By PrimeOp
The idea for this pic has been in my head for MONTHS and I'm glad to get it out of my head to share with the rest of youse. Aquaman (from the Batman: the Brave and the Bold) and Flapjack are two of my favorite reasons to watch Cartoon Network these days.

Aquaman and all other related characters © & TM DC Comics. Flapjack, Bubbie, Captain K'nuckles and all other related characters © Thurop Van Orman and Cartoon Network.
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© 2009 - 2021 PrimeOp
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Oh my glorious God yes.
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Better role model than Kunuckles but no where near as good as bubby.
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...This is just the best...
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Absolutely Awesome!!! :D
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Thanks, I'm glad you think so!
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Thanks, thanks, thanks!
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muito legal.
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Completely awesome
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Nice, I love DC Comics!

Check my Superboy Sprite XD!!!

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lol Aquaman was made cool in brave and the bold xD
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YES! This must happen!
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This picture rocks! Thanks for uploading it. You know, they know show something called Cartoon Planet with old cartoons...& Flapjack being one of them! Cartoon Network is starting to improve again.
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Thank you! Most themed channels lose their way every once in a while, but I've heard that CN is trying to get better.
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HA HA The strange part is how well this works XD
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Now I want to see these two singing together!!

Awesome pic of course you did! So greatful and full of life and happiness! :la:
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They'd come up with the most rousing, adventurous song in the history of both adventure and songs. Everyone knows they would!
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