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A Study in Extremes - Chap.8
After some time, they finally reached the boundary between the two bases.  This close, and in perpetual shadow, the temperature was considerably cooler.  The building he'd seen the majority of the trip was now hundreds of feet to the right, and he could see a second building directly ahead and just past the edge of the first.  There was a gate built into the fence, half as high as the fence itself and twice as wide.  On both sides of the gate were massive hinges attached to a series of automated mechanisms.  As they approached he could see a metal rectangular box built on a concrete island, to the left side of the gate.  As they approached, Aran slowed down, coming to a stop by the rectangle.  A camera was built at its top, angled downwards, with a monitor built into its face at head level.  "We're here, Emora.  Let us in."
The monitor flickered, and as it warmed up he could see the blue features
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A Study in Extremes - Chap.7
At the opposite end of the hall, Aran sat in a commandeered office listening to the conversation on a speaker phone.  When the conversation moved to more pedestrian topics, she muted the volume and from the terminal in front of her connected to the open link between the Gulaan base and Alareen ship in orbit above.
"Emora Onatis please." She said to the young Alareen answering the com.  A few seconds later there was a click and Emora's face filled the screen. "Yes?"
"Well, what do you think now?"
"Mr. Maray will be well enough to move about in another two weeks, correct?"
"That's what the doctors say."
Emora smiled.  "Then I'll make plans to come down for a base visit at that time.  It's been a while since we've done an inspection, so it will be a good opportunity to get a chance to meet him in person."  She paused for a moment, lost in her thoughts, and then added "You listened to the entire conversation,
Aran nodded. &
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Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Chap.6 :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 6 6
Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Chap.5 :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 6 5
Location Info - Planet Duruth
Name: Duruth IV (Argoth to its inhabitants)
Size: 3,400 miles at the equator (by comparison, Earth is 3,963 miles)
Moons: 3 (Noct, 800 miles at the equator; Tellur, 875 miles at the equator; Pallad 600 miles at
The equator).  By comparison, Earth's moon is 1,080).  All three moons are relatively
Smooth, as there have been minimal impacts (little debris in solar system)
Planet Age: Young (From a Geological standpoint, so mountains and cliffs are in abundance)
Day Length: 30 hours
Week Length: 8 Days
Continents: 5 large landmasses; two very small polar regions (each less than 1,000,000 square
Miles in size).  By comparison, Antarctica is 5,300,000 square miles
Population: 400 Million (all Viana) scattered among all 5 continents
Government: Each land mass has its own governing body, but since encountering the other races
They have unified of sorts in a planetary council.  Each land mass sends representatives
Proportional to their population, and
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A Study in Extremes - Chap.4 :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 5 6
Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Chap.3 :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 7 11
Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Chap.2 :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 8 3
Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Chap.1 :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 13 7
Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Prologue :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 6 2
Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Notes :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 4 1

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Felarya: A Simple Smile
"Anna?" Crisis called out again, her hands cupped around her mouth as the warm light of the sun shone down on her.
"Anna? Where are you?" She was becoming concerned. Her friend was no-where to be found, and she wasn't normally one to ignore the calls of Crisis. She wasn't always happy when she responded, sure, but she always showed up...
She and Katrika had been looking for Anna all morning, and as the afternoon rays began to fill the sky, Crisis was becoming desperate...
Fortunately for her however, Anna was not far off. She slithered around a large cluster of trees to discover the purple haired Naga resting with her back against a cliff face, her head lolled to one side as though in deep thought, and one hand closed tightly in a fist, rested on her belly.
"Anna!" Crisis said with a mixture of relief and concern as she slid over, her face beaming as she extended her hand onto Anna's shoulder. "Are you ok?"
There was a pause, and Anna turned to face Crisis...
The blonde haired n
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United States
I've started writing again, finally. I'm working on several stories but at the moment what is being posted up on Deviantart is my contribution to the Legacyverse setting.

Please see Legacyverse's group page (Icon on my main page to the left) for details.

Let me know what you think.

Current Residence: Florida
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2X or 3X (depending on the fabric, I like loose fit)
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Favourite style of art: Anime, any handrawn art
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Wallpaper of choice: Anything large, detailed, and high resolution
Favourite cartoon character: Casey Jones, Grimlock (original and BeastWars), RatTrap, Belldandy, the Paper Sisters
Personal Quote: Est Solarus Oth Mithas

Journal History

Don't know if there's anyone still tracking me, but I will not be posting additional stories under this profile.
Everyone has their own interests, likes/dislikes, etc so I am not judging but the audience for this story attracted an unexpected fan base.

I am still writing, and will still put things up, but not under this name and I will never connect the profiles.  

I maintain this login for surfing and for the friends I have made through dA.

I wish all the best, and am grateful for any who did enjoy the story (even if it wasn't for the reasons I'd expected :) )
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