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Hedwig's Flight

OK GUYS!!! second Harry Potter watercolor is finally done!...i love it to pieces!..and this is the first piece done out of the two I am sending to JK Rowling herself :)...I hope she likes it!

Medium: Watercolor
Size..check the sketch in scraps...haha!
Time: 6 hrs..just water coloring.

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but you still don't know did she like it, I suppose...?
The pic is very wel done :)

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Oh i have no idea :D...i still didn't send it yet!..but i will soon..her birthday is July 31st :D.
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I love the feathers! Completely awesome drawing.
PrimeHunter's avatar
THanks!!Hope JKR wil like it :D.
starr-blood's avatar
Oh I bet she will! :D
Theater's avatar
WOW! I love the feathers! You're extremely good with birds... I love his robe too.. Amazing, once again :D
PrimeHunter's avatar
thank you *bows*
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:jawdrop: :drool: Once again,the detail,the coloring,just everything makes it a great picture :heart::!: Utterly amazing
PrimeHunter's avatar
Thank you very much dear :).
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i love those eyessss so dreamyyy, oh and those feathers are to die for! howd you get all so detailed in them? i would have lost my mind half way through! :+fav:ing now!
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WOOOHA pretty col :D

But hermmm don't get mad, but I've notice that you exagerate a bit on the folds =P try to fix that, and you'll get perfect hehehe
PrimeHunter's avatar
I always exagarate folds....i like it that way :).
htx's avatar
Oh it's part of your style then, forget my comment then =P
PrimeHunter's avatar
Das cool man :D....but i'll trying it with out the outlines next time...just for you :D.
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very awesome... I like the colors of the swirly design on the ground.
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Hala I absolutely love the view you chose looking straight down, its very unusual and very striking :D Yep Harry's expression is as awesome as you said!!! An the floor I can't forget to mention the design is so cool!!! Wonderful job:clap: JKR will love it I'm sure!!!!!:D
PrimeHunter's avatar
Thanks alot Russ!!! :hug:
rdl's avatar
You are most welcome Hala :hug:
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