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This is a very ominous art piece. The large creature just feels so right in this dark, foreboding setting. It's eyes are fixed on you, ...

Sir, you've done an amazing job! The lighting, the angle, the shadows, the perspective, it all blends well together! The personality in...


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Art is a skill held by everyone with their own unique talent and techniques; just because yours isn't as good as another's, doesn't mean it's not good!





Mutations (Sketch)
Here we have some concepts of mutated animals becoming kaiju. The animals in question are a cassowary, frilled lizard, a snapping turtle and the Tasmanian tiger, who is the last of his kind.
Apologies for no recent posts, been busy with work among other things. Upload coming later today!
I'm dipping down my comission prices to $6. If anyone's interested, hit me up!
Manmade Monstrosities
Drew an icon for S.A.L.Y., followed by the silhouettes of the Oracle Units. Syntek is an old name I was going to use for the company creating the mechs, but Osiris Global is the official name now.
Oracle Units Part 2

Unlike the first three Oracle Units, the last three are treated as a “last resort”. Aries, Pegasus and Libra are the strongest of the oracle units because of their deadly abilities, and all are powered by Artificial Paragons constructed from pure Ancestral Energy. This allows them to absorb an indefinite amount of energy when opponents use projectile/energy attacks that strike their mechanical bodies, seeping into the circuits and being drawn into their Paragon core. Thus, the stamina of these three Oracle Units is unmatched and a dangerous thing to be reckoned with.

Aries is the most physically capable of the Oracle Units, but not as heavily armed as Ursa Major. Rather than possessing conventional weaponry, Aries is gifted with immense physical strength and prowess as well as Ancetral-based energy attacks, such as his Optal Seekers and Crimson Paragon Beam, which is fired from its chest when enough foreign energy is stored. The Ancestral energy can also be used to increase physical attack power, as the circuits flowing in the arms and legs will juice up and increase in size.

Pegasus lacks in strength but makes up for it in speed. The thrusters on its spike formations are used to increase movement speed as well as act as missiles, and like the other two Oracles, foreign Ancestral Energy goes directly to its core. This, in turn, will boost its engines and Pegasus will become faster over time. It is also equipped with twin dual arm blades packed with an electric payload upon impact with any enemy. These arm mechanics can also shoot out a blue, whip-like electrical current that anchors onto kaiju to keep them in place.

Libra is the strangest of the Oracle Units in that possesses no humanoid body, but a more arachnid-like aesthetic. The main Inspiration for it was the All-Terraintula from the Dark Horse Godzilla comics; similar to that mech, as well as the other Oracle Units, it absorbs Ancestral Energy from a foreign source and can reflect it back as its own weapon. However, its own blast depends on the attack used by its adversary. For example, if Briarga’s Crisis Cannon hit Libra’s protective coating, then a similar cannon-like blast would be fired back. Aside from that, it can also walk on ledges and stick to non-flat surfaces thanks to its legs. Libra seems to be advanced in its ability to distinguish different energy sources and converting them into several types of offensive means, something that would be heavily taken into the construction of another Oracle Unit… 




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey everybody! It's been a while since my last journal entry. March is here, and with it the art challenge known as #monstermarch, where you draw one kaiju a day for the whole month! I see it's gotten a lot of buzz within the community, so that got me thinking. I want to start my own art challenge, but not with Toho monsters - original kaiju! It would be called #originalkaijuoctober and it would act the same exact way, drawing one original kaiju/character from another creator each day. Since October also has 31 days like march, I feel it makes sense - plus the name is catchy. And like #monstermarch, there would be 30 kaiju to draw and then the 31st would be a kaiu battle between two or more of them! What do you all say? My goal is to make this happen this coming October, and I believe it can be a success!


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I'm 20, love Japanese culture, and have an addiction to everything kaiju and anime! I'm also a successful author and artist.



Kaiju Profile
I sketch, ink and draw a full body picture of a kaiju!
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I sketch, line-art and color a small icon of your kaiju for just a dollar!


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