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This is a very ominous art piece. The large creature just feels so right in this dark, foreboding setting. It's eyes are fixed on you, ...

Sir, you've done an amazing job! The lighting, the angle, the shadows, the perspective, it all blends well together! The personality in...

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Art is a skill held by everyone with their own unique talent and techniques; just because yours isn't as good as another's, doesn't mean it's not good!






-The Elder World: The plane of existence in which the Ancestors reside. It is an alternate reality of the real world.

-Darkrealm: A dimension shrouded in darkness and chains of shadow. It serves as the home for the Ancestor’s most vile instruments that cannot be contained in any other manner.

               -The Shade Veil: A small pocket of Darkrealm that is under the control/occupation of Atum.

-The Antediluvian: A thick, murky dimension that acts as a tertiary plane of existence following the Elder World and Darkrealm. Meaning “before the flood”, it represents the calmness and balance of life before its inevitable destruction.

The Ancestors

The name given to the mysterious race that gave life to the monsters. There is no religion based on their influence other than the Children of Destruction, who believe the end times draws near and that the Ancestors will come back to reclaim the Earth as their own. This cult believes that they are the ones who dispersed creation across the universe, and that they administer the rule of life and death as the balance of tranquility. For creation, there must be destruction. The monsters are important here because they are the vessels that the Ancestors use to do their work. The mass extinctions were only trials, rules by the order of the ancients at the hands of their own creations to bring upon destruction…to make a new world.

The Ancestors were the first, original humans, brought forth into existence by a higher power whom also created the beginnings of the Earth. Placed within our celestial coordinate system, their mission was to create worlds, and destroy them; such was the cosmic balance. However, being the only one of their kind (with different ‘Ancestor’-esque beings spread across the galaxy), they decided to harvest a plan of their own. While they did contribute to their original mission, there was a twist; not wanting to die out once their goal was completed, they sought to forge the world in their own image. They did so by constantly destroying and creating using mass extinction events, wrought forth by another of their own creations; giant monsters, gods of unfathomable power. They wanted to test the planet’s endurance to spread their race, but as each trail boasted the unnecessary inhabitants sought, they kept on ordering their beasts to rinse and repeat. By the time of the Cenozoic, they created the homosapien to spread in knowledge and power, but they were disappointed with the results. With each mass extinction beforehand failed, which were supposed to prove if beings like them would surface sooner or later, they began to grow impatient. However, primitive humans emerged eventually and grew similar to the Ancestors, though not as godly. This was expected, but the gods knew that if they kept the pace up, eventually more like them would appear. But they cannot risk the planet’s destruction. They were born from it, and since it is the birthplace of humans, it is the only area in the universe to flourish and grow the Ancestor race. If the Earth goes, they go.

The Descendants

To spawn more of their kind, some Ancestors disguised themselves as modern-day humans and proceeded to pro-create with females to give birth to half human/half Ancestor beings. These would be dubbed the Descendants. Sometimes, the gene pool would be largely shrouded in the Ancestral DNA, or only a small fragment would be in place. As this practice was never done before, there was no guarantee that it would result in additional Ancestors…if the child didn’t possess any Ancestral DNA, it was likely that their children wouldn’t either. However, Descendants don’t need to be biologically produced; sometimes, Ancestors have physically detached their own energy and placed it onto the Earth for it to grow and mold into the human form. Some of the characters in my series are Descendants, and their role correlates in being able to use Paragons to bond with kaiju.


The Paragons are a set of gems forged by the Ancestors, currently scattered across Earth. These artifacts had two purposes; to help an Ancestor/Descendant bond with a monster in a process called Soul Bonding, or to fuse the gem itself with the monster for a Paragon Ascension. They radiate with legendary power, and a mortal who finds them can connect with a kaiju’s body and mind. This idea was inspired by the Heisei Gamera trilogy’s concept with the amulets.

The Pantheon

Beasts of unimaginable power, these creatures are beyond the understanding of even our greatest sciences and technologies. They draw strength from their desire to destroy, or create, there are a variety. They take their place among the stars as our constellations, or they remain dormant underground until the time is right to begin the Earth a new. Within the pantheon, there are many families and factions; even legends among gods.

               -The Protogenos: Also known as the Primordial Ones, they are an elite group of extremely powerful kaiju created by the Ancestors themselves, the very first brought to life that would start the cycle of creation and destruction. There are 12 Protogenos altogether, each with varied powers and strengths. To accompany them, there were 12 gems, known as the Elder Paragons, forged from the hearts of each Protogenos.

               -The Saurians: The most powerful aspects of power and knowledge, Saurian was the name given to a select few deities. They all shared the same traits; reptilian, powerful, and a bad temper that had the potential to end entire worlds. They were considered the strongest among the legions crafted by the Ancestors. Some of them were too powerful to control and were forcibly stripped of their strength, displaying ancient markings on their hides to determine their unholy potential that could be spewed out if unlocked. Some of them even adapted and mutated their own bodies, transforming at will to bypass these attachments and rise in power. The only known Saurians are Briarga, Polemos, and Aerfen, a sibling trio that appeared in the later 21st century.

               -The Transgressed: As with any moral code, some learn to break it and write their own destiny. Here, some deities managed to do that very thing. The Ancestors saw an imbalance between creation and destruction with them, and they were expelled. Some to the outer rim of the unknown, others deep within our very planet. They carry with them an evil that is so unspeakable, it’s destructive power would surely bring an end to any existence.
Recap - More Details
This is just a little 'reference sheet' of some of the ideas I've come up with before. Nothing entirely new, as it was posted on a journal entry waaay back, but I figure reposting it here would be a better thing!
Just an update. I'll be moving most of the mythos I've written in my journals to the Lore and Storytelling section in their own uploads. That way its easier to find!
       Hey guys! As promised, here’s a bit of lore on the Hellraisers!

       The Hellraisers are a banished ‘gang’ of kaiju, strewn together by the results of their former shortcomings. They were once Gods, but because of their past actions they were doomed to an eternal suffering at the hands of Apollyon…or so the Ancestors would think. The three main individuals that comprise this band of devilish monsters are Beelzebub, Belphegor and Caorthannach, who is the leader of the bunch. As she shares the same name as the Irish demon from mythology, Caorthannach is the ‘mother’ and the other two are her ‘children’. As such, she has claimed rulership over the two and they act as her war dogs, but they should not be viewed as simple-minded henchmen.

Beelzebub is based on the demon of the same name, who represents the sin of Gluttony. To coincide with this connection even further, Beelzebub was imprisoned in the first place due to his insatiable hunger…a hunger that led him to devour most things in his way, be it friend or foe. Even the Ancestors themselves found that it was not wise to stand in the way of the buffet line, so they had no other choice but to lock him away to Abaddon. Belphegor, based on the Prince of Hell representing Sloth, was also banished for reflecting the very same sin. Belphegor was very sluggish and showed much incompliance, despite containing unwavering strength that would undoubtedly be useful to his creators. Whenever he did cut loose, he often could not control himself which may (or may not) have ended the lives of several comrades. Due to the incapability to master his own strength due to his carelessness, he too was banished.

Here comes the role of Apollyon, who is the Lord of Abaddon, his realm and the Ancestors’ jail. A sort of prison guard, if you will. Apollyon contains unlimited power within Abaddon, but desires to expand his arms to the Elder World without any interference from the Ancestors (as they would surely intervene). As the newcomers Beelzebub and Belphegor arrive, they are greeted and quickly put in their place by Caorthannach, who had spent millions of years prior within the hellish landscape. Driving them into submission, they become her loyal servants…which is where Apollyon, observing this, gets an idea. Seeing the potential in three very powerful kaiju, two of which the Demon Mother easily conformed to her bidding, he tries to strike a deal with her. Apollyon offers to release the three of them from their prison, and in exchange, they will provide further expansion for him by eradicating the outside realms. Caorthannach agrees, though still not fully trusting the Lord of Abaddon. While their initial target was the whole Elder World, Caorthannach takes a short cut and the three of them head to Earth…it is time to finish a battle that she started long ago.

For Beelzebub and Belphegor, I wanted to give them designs that either stayed true to their depictions in religion or complimented the deadly sin they represent. Beelzebub is a centipede-like insect with a gaping maw on its abdomen to signify his endless appetite, while Belphegor is a massive, lumbering brute that doesn’t look like it could put forth much effort in a fight (even though he hardly has to).

The Hellraisers, like the Megacosms, are a group of kaiju I'm very excited to work with. What are your thoughts on their background?
Got a new Avatar pic! Special thanks to :icondragoncat-senpai: for the comission! :)
The Hellraisers
Here we have Caorthannach and her "children", alongside Apollyon, the Lord of Abaddon. The Caorthannach design is a sort of redesign I tried out.

Lore about these guys will pop up later this week!
I've got lots of great uploads coming! Stay tuned for more art and lore. :)

Also, as a bit of an update, the Primal Awakening series has now been changed to Primal Crisis. This way the title isn't as long and is still sounds cool.
KP #3: Rocva, the Winged Blaze


Height: 130 Meters

Weight: 100,000 metric tons

Length: 210 Meters

Wingspan: 280 Meters


- Can generate gale-force winds whenever she flies over within close proximity to the ground, especially at top speed (which is Mach 5); this can upturn the ground and destroy entire landscapes with a simple fly-by due to the shockwaves produced from her momentum.

-Elemental Ascension: Like all Gods created by the Ancestors, Rocva can access hidden reservoirs of strength to aid her in battle. She has three separate forms, or modes, that allow her to control the properties of fire, ice and electricity; she can switch between these forms in the midst of battle on a whim if she so chooses and has mastery of each respective element.

- Fire Absorption/Resistance: Rocva can absorb most heat-based attacks/techniques that are meant to damage her, as well as prove very durable against it. In turn, this boosts the power of her own abilities. She can also absorb any fire in the area.

- Empyreal Immolation: Rocva can conceal herself in a wall of flame and, exerting her own lifeforce, explode. This is normally a last resort, as the attack takes up all of Rocva’s life-energy and as a result she will die. The radius of the blast is twice the diameter of the Vredefort impact crater, which is 300 kilometers. And like the phoenix, if there is enough fire and ashes of Rocva’s former self, she will be reborn into the world. However, this technique can only be used a handful of times. In a sort of ‘nine lives’ scenario, if Rocva uses the Immolation for the last time then she will cease to exist entirely.

- Soaring Blaze: As Rocva glides through the sky, her feathers may begin to “molt”, resulting in a rain of ash falling to the ground below. This ash shares the same characteristics of that from a volcanic eruption, in that the area covered in it will be subject to large readings of carbon monoxide and other gases released in the molting process.

- Heliacal Veil: Rocva spreads her wings and doing so will cause feathers will scatter all around her. They all begin to glow and spark ablaze, forming a shield of fire around her. These feathers can also be launched directly at opponents if she flaps her wings in their direction, acting like flaming bullets.

- Searing Beak: Rocva’s mouth area begins to heat up and glow; when she attacks with her beak with pecking or gouging into a monster’s hide, it can cause the opponent’s skin to burn in the process.

- UV Beam: Also known as the Ultraviolet Breath, Rocva can fire this projectile attack from her mouth. It is a thin, concentrated blast of light (absorbed directly from the sun) capable of dealing searing damage. First, second and third-degree burns can result if the blast is fired nearby targets.

-Azure Comet: Rocva’s second most powerful attack, and more of an offensive maneuver than the Immolation’s last-ditch tactics. Rocva travels at high speeds, all the while heating up her body to its maximum temperature. The acceleration of velocity, combined with the intense heat, causes a veil of blue flame to incase Rocva who will appear as a shooting star/comet bright enough to light up the sky. Striking a foe causes an explosion of about 10,000 degrees.


-When Rocva manipulates her abilities, the environment will change as well. Temperatures will dramatically increase with her presence.

-She is extremely fast, able to reach Mach 5 at full speed. Her maneuverability in the air is unmatched, except for other Yōso.

-Rocva’s usage and proficiency of fire make her a deadly foe to contend with.

-Rocva is weak to water/ice-based abilities.



This beast of a bird was inspired by everyone's favorite giant flying pteranodon, Rodan (if that wasn't obvious :P).

Rocva was among most of the Gods created by the Ancestors; a cunning and beautiful deity, her purpose was to originally eliminate Briarga. However, she would eventually turn over a new leaf and join his cause in eliminating the threat posed by their masters, steadily growing more in-tune with her elemental prowess and discovering her role as a Yōso.

The Yōso, or the Elementals, are three beings created by Quranos to wield the elements of the Earth in her name; fire, lightning, and ice. Rocva is the Phoenix, the one born of flame and risen from ash. However, she forgot her past as a Yōso long ago; before she could seek the answers, she faced Briarga as her enemy, sworn to destroy the traitorous Saurian at all costs. After their battle leaves her incapacitated, she remembers flashes of her past and desires to uncover what she had long since forgotten. This journey allows Rocva to change her outlook on both herself and the conflicts brewing.



Rocva is a determined fighter, and the element of flame acts as a metaphor for that determination; always burning, consuming any obstacles in her path. And despite many of the monsters containing a fair amount of courage, it is argued that Rocva wields the most. At the beginning of the series and during her fight with Briarga, she fights for the loyalty of the Ancestors. She is cold, ruthless, and cares little of the Earth except for the powers that were granted to her through it. She is prideful and views herself as a prize among the ranks in the Ancestor’s legions. But after her realization that she is fighting for the wrong reason, her character flips around. She becomes softer, developing a close allegiance with Briarga to the point where she becomes the chosen guardian of his child later. This friendship was only possible through her defeat, as that was all it took for the Ancestors to deem her unworthy and cast her out as well, shattering her pride. She also forms a bond with a human, one of the main cast; this dependence and trust towards a deemed ‘lesser individual’ causes Rocva to change her viewpoint on the Earth as well. In short, Rocva develops from a cold-hearted enemy into a loyal ally, and one of my favorite monsters in the series.

Art by :iconspacedragon14:

Thoughts? :)




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

    This journal entry, I decided to do something a bit different. I wanted to share some thoughts about my goals for my kaiju series, and the difficulty I've struggled with in wanting to keep these goals. Life has a way of overshadowing you with busy spells, important matters, and sometimes tragedy. Furthermore, the lack of available materials is also an obstacle. This makes it difficult for us content creators to be able to do what we want, how we want. This can often lead to depression, the feeling that we're wasting our time, or the inability to get excited about our projects.

(And I am in no way saying that personal life isn't below the entertainment we provide; family and friends are always the number #1 importance, point blank) 

    I have come across many people who have had goals for their kaiju series, and still do, but the situations in their lives prevented them from being able to see it to fruition. I, too, have had doubts, and to this day I wonder if this is all worth it. My goal is for Primal Awakening to be recognized by all kaiju fans as great series, and while there are no plans for it to become trademarked or commercialized, that would be even better. I want to start a Youtube channel for my series sometime in the future, and the first book is set to be out in 2020. I feel confident that I can do it, and so should you if you ever feel like your kaiju series is going downhill.

    Always strive to keep up your work, no matter what. If you want your ideas out to the world for people to see, don't let anything stop you. Goals are there for us to push ourselves and see just how far we can take our lives in the directions we want.


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