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I'm in need of money to pay a few immediate bills.  So I am accepting low-rates commission rates, for a limited time. 

I have around 17 sheets of available 11" x 17" size comic art boards ready for commission purposes.  I also have several of 9" x 12" sized Strathmore Bristol boards for commission purposes as well. 

If you are interested to have an original commission artwork at an affordable price rates, then this is your chance.

1) Tight Pencils
    a. Bust - US $25
    b.  9" x 12" - US $30
    c. 11" x 17" - US $40

2) Pencils and Inks
    a. Bust - US $35
    b.  9" x 12" - US $45
    c. 11" x 17" - US $60

3) Full (Digital) Colors
    a. Bust - US $45
    b.  9" x 12" - US $70
    c. 11" x 17" - US $85

4) Full (Marker) Colors
    a. Bust - US $55
    b.  9" x 12" - US $85
    c. 11" x 17" - US $120

a. A(Bust) or B(9" x 12") or C(11" x 17") art board size.  >>Bust art size is pretty much A4-size.
b. Single 3/4 or full figure body size character, with minimum or no b/g images.  >>Head to upper or mid chest area, for Bust.
c. ONLY established character, please!
   (Established character - means that the character has been drawn and designed before. Character only being described in texts with no visuals does not counts!)
d. Prices are just the same for both original artworks or just the scan file.  So if you only want the scan file and do not wish the original artwork sent to you, that is fine by me.  Price rates would still be the same.

As soon as humanly possible.  Regularly from a week to a month, depends on the schedule.  First come first served basis.

Shipping cost for the original artwork is is not included.
Buyers covers shipping cost completely.
I can ship the commission art boards overseas either by: DHL, FedEx or UPS.

You can see both the above and bottom PayPal banner images, right?
I accept PayPal, and as well as: Payoneer, Payza, and Skrill.

Note me if you are interested, or if you have some other different commission arrangements.


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