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The Golden Boy

A man with the power of THOUSANDS EXPLODING SUNS.

I always like the character power concept and the costume looks of the Sentry, regarless his lemony looks. Long live The Sentry :)

Commission Artwork.

Pencils and Inks by yours truly.

Marvel Comics property.
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Very good stuff! You did him justice, but ... one piece of a advice: Trademarks are great, but maybe you should put them somewhere, where it doesn't hurt a colorist, who tries to color your pic, which is always a honor I would assume!
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Did you mean watermark?

I put it there because lots of people who decided to take the easy yet untrusty way of con artist, by picking someone else's art and branding them as theirs. If someone else is interested to color over my lineartworks, they should contact me first for permission. And maybe if I am okay with that, I can provide colorists with higher resolution files. Thanks,
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Nicely done, great lines and detail. 
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Thank you Saltybird :)