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The Final Charge
By PrimalInstincts   |   Watch
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Published: June 29, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 PrimalInstincts
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WTS Summer Joust: Championship Round: Part 2

:bulletred:Bracket 1:
RMS Thomas Marks on Fuqin Jingshen VS RF Sean Aden on Rocky Mountain Way

Staring down the line Thomas readied himself. This would be his final match. He had made a promise and he planned to keep it. His last joust, for his own health and also for Caughey's sanity. He leaned down, giving Jin a good back before whispering to him.
"One last go round big man...give it your all...we have to make sure they remember us." He smirked as the stallion gave a loud snort. Thomas smirked, adjusting his lance as he waited for the signal. When it was given the stallion lurched forward and headed down the track. It had dried considerably since their first match and as the dust rose Thomas wasn't sure if he preferred it over the mud.

Jin sounded like a freight train as he ran, taking in large gasps of air to power himself forward. As they neared one another Aden's horse seemed to spoke as he stalled on the track. Thomas wondered absently if it was because of Jin, figuring the dragon horse must have looked like a monster coming towards them. The thought was brief however as he threw his lance forward and shattered it against Aden's armor. Shards went everywhere but as they cleared Thomas heard a very familiar 'thud' as Jin charged on. He heard the girls screaming from the side, Dustin hooting and hollaring too Jin slowed. Thomas dared to glance back then, smirking as he held his shattered lance high.
"HELL YEAH!!!" He called as Jin snorted and threw some celebratory sparks. "THREE IN A ROW BITCHES!!" Thomas laughed, earning glares from the girls but a thumbs up from Dustin. least his last match was starting with a bang....


Training Image


You go Thomas. We got 3 dehorses in a row for Thomas' final year of jousting. ^^ We'll see if it ends up being enough...

The image is pixely due to the way my PS renders things -_- Price of animation I suppose. :shrug:


Art and characters © to =PrimalInstincts
Dustin Iason © to ~ShadowsPuppetxxx
CDH Drafts © to *WolfsMoon1
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nj and congrats on your win!
PrimalInstincts's avatar
PrimalInstinctsHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! ^_^ Your art is fantastic by the way! It was an honor to have the you draw Jin.
Revolver-Waffle's avatar
thank you and it was fun competing against you, lovely job on the story! I'm quite glad Thomas won, for his sake :D
PrimalInstincts's avatar
PrimalInstinctsHobbyist Digital Artist
I am too. ^^ He can retire from jousting happy! :D
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