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Storming Comeback
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Published: May 17, 2013
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WTS Summer Joust: Round One

:bulletred:Bracket 1:
RMS Thomas Marks on Fuqin Jingshen VS WFK Corentin Bordelon on Tuuli

The day following Thomas's outburst the news came in that Thomas was IN for the summer joust. Between Aurora and Caughey they pulled some strings and got the man in. He was thrilled but he still hasn't apologized for making her cry. Ignoring glares from Aurora and Dustin to do so he jumped onto Jin's back and prepared for the first round. Once again the weather turned sour and with a sigh he looked up to the sky.
"Really? Again?" He pouted as Jin looked around at him. He gave a snort and shook his head as the rain started to roll off him his freshly braided mane. "Yeah I know." He chuckled to the stallion as Dustin moved over to hand up his first lance.
"Did you check out the armor on Bordelon?" He asked as they looked down the arena to Thomas's first opponent.
"Yeah I did..." Thomas smirked. "I meant to look into custom stuff this year, guess I missed up again." He chuckled as he shifted the lance around in his hand to get a good grip. It would be made more complicated back this rain.
" should really apologize to Caughey...."
"Not now man." He hissed as he pushed his visor down. Dustin shook his head and backed off then, moving back to the girls as they watched the round begin.

Thomas's heart was up in his ears, his blood pressure rising as he tried to focus and prepare. The rain was starting to piss him off when he realized his vision would be blurred thanks to the down pour. It was so loud he almost didn't catch the starting bell. Luckily Jin did and he lunged into action. The mud lacked in traction but luckily the stallion had experience in this and found his stride, it would just be up to Thomas to land a blow. Bordelon's horse, Tuuli, stalled as they neared which Thomas just barely caught. Seconds after her threw his lance forward and slammed it into his shoulder, the lance shattering as Thomas looked away. He heard Tuulie whinny and the crowd cheer but it was only after Jin stopped and turned that Thomas realized what had happened. He had completely dehorsed Bordelon and left him in the mud. Thomas shouted happily, holding his shattered lance up as Jin started to trot back to his starting point.
"I'm baby!!! HELL YEAH!!" He cackled as he pushed his visor up and grinned. This was a fantastic start to this joust...


Training Image

We're back bbaabbyy!! :giggle:
Thomas caught a lucky break too and got a dehorse on his first round. I wanted to do more animation with this and add a lightening strike but my computer couldn't handle it. -_- It literally would not save. -sobsob- SO! I had to removed that and shorten the rain cycle. Sad day.

OH Well!!! Still looks fabulous >3


Art and characters © to =PrimalInstincts
Dustin Iason © to ~ShadowsPuppetxxx
CDH Drafts © to *WolfsMoon1
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This looks amazing; I always like your jousting pics :D
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PrimalInstinctsHobbyist Digital Artist
Daw! :giggle: Thank you!
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