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Self Portrait

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"Self Portrait" (painted with my blood on canvas, 40X48cm)
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10/130 second
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5 mm
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Sep 20, 2015, 5:43:37 PM
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Really hoping you didn't actually paint this with your own blood :/
It worries me, I hope you're doing okay
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TooIntense4Spence's avatar
Did you seriously paint this with your blood?
Forrowrain's avatar
Ec- wait you painted this........... WITH YOUR BLOOD!!!
bellalocura's avatar
Disturbing in a beautiful way.
Ithritable's avatar
look at all that ketchup :B
Generousness's avatar
Oh my. Are you okay?!
misterballoonneko's avatar
it's awesome! but how  the hell are you alive right now?
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TheBandOfMischief's avatar
thanks for the nightmares XD great artwork all the same!
TheBandOfMischief's avatar
I think that came out wrong-- I mean it is giving me artwork and I love it!
GhosteyChan's avatar
brutal, i love it
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pfou...amazing, bravo
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holy fuck dude that looks like quite a bit of blood. you didnt add any water or anything to make it easier to paint? 
igotsaladfingers's avatar
i fucking love your drawings
arpeelapena's avatar
awesome as always bro. but... it kinda looks like me!
CreepyPastaFangirl06's avatar
Dude, are you ok? You do this an awful lot. Doesn't it hurt? I'm not hating, I love the fact that you have the guts to do this. Its absolutely amazing. But does it hurt you?
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This isn't real blood. On the small chance it is, you belong in a mental institute. 
Noahela's avatar
chill this is no real blood. looks awesome tho!
arpeelapena's avatar
it is real. i don't think there is a reason for him to lie about making the painting out of his own blood. besides, i saw a video of how he makes these things.
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