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This meme has always existed on the internet as far as I've ever known, but only recently has it started going rampent around wherever I look. *_* It looks fun, so I tried making my own because I've always wanted to make something like this. 8D

I just messily lined, colored and shaded a sketch, but that's the only reason why it only took me 3-4 hours to make. XD

And this is like, actually a self portrait of me IRL, no OC or anything. The colors and outfit come from this other picture I drew representing myself IRL, though closer to my kitsune gijinka sona look:
It's Morning Already!?? by PriestessShizuka

Art © PriestessShizuka
Meme origins © ??? Does anyone know? o-o
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S0ULESSB0NESHobbyist Digital Artist
love the art but the edginess hurts
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I try too hard or get into a habit of being edgy half-seriously, and it makes some people cringe and I enjoy it for fun. XD
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S0ULESSB0NESHobbyist Digital Artist
there is definitely a fine line between good edge and bad edge
i think this stays on the good side since you obviously put a lot of effort into it