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[Gift Art] Shinri + Timelapse

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Edit: Fixed it to match Shinri's latest design update! :3

I recently commissioned Autlaw, and even the wall of joyful words I spilled out to her were not nearly enough to express how happy I am with the commission!! :D I wanted to do even more in return!

I've always wanted to draw some giftart for my favorite artist whose work has inspired me as an artist more than any other to improve my own art! ^_^

Initially I meant for this just to be a quick colored sketch, but then inspiration and muse struck HARD and I kiiiinda went and put every last technique and effect I knew into it. (Some of the effects which were learned from a few of Autlaw's amazing tutorials too!)

Not only did I manage to suddenly put my all into this art piece, but I feel like I **drastically** improved my own technique while working on it! Lately, I've been in a sort of funk where my lineart and cell-shading process take so long, I get burnt out and it easily takes as long as 25+ hours to finish a cell-shaded, fully lined artwork. But today, I was so inspired to draw this amazing character, I managed to cell-shade like I've never cell-shaded before. XD It literally feels amazing to have completed something in one day, just 7 hours. 8D

Aaaand because Autlaw's timelapse videos inspire my like nothing else on this planet, I had to make this a timelapse too. CX…

Art (c) :iconpriestessshizuka:
Shinri (c) :iconautlaw:

Others(besides Autlaw) do not have permission to repost this anywhere w/o my permission.
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dude this is very wondeful. Im in love with that anatomy and the expression of the character, the shading and the lighting effects are very nice and give a good feel to the softness of the piece. Very well done, I look forward to watching what you come up with!
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Aww thank you so much for the kind words~! *w* I worked hard on the anatomy, and pretty much rebirthed my shading strategy, so I'm very happy people like it! <3 Thank you for the watch!!
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I really have been sitting here after submitting your drawing and simply thinking what I am going to say to express how incredibly moved I am by your gift T___T I still don't exactly know if I'll be able to express myself properly in words here to show you how incredibly flattered I feel that you felt like drawing me Shinri ://D

I really want to make a start with how amazingly accurate you captured his anatomy ! By that, I mean you could have just.. you know.. entered my my mind and used the images I have in my brain of Shinri as reference. As creepy as that may sound but to me that could be an option haha XD I am trying to say I am literally blown away by how spot on he looks ! From his athletic slender abdomen, his pronounced shoulder/collar bones, his slender and long wrists/hands and those fingers ;u;... I really want to just.. hug the screen  and then throw my hands up in the air crying in happiness for maybe an hour or two (,:

I am absolutely in LOVE with his annoyed/pained looking expression as if he's trying to either stop his inner problematic personality from surfacing.. af it's a headache he's trying to fight off. Or he's absolutely annoyed with someone and he's trying not to loose it (,: I can tell from his orange eyes showing the eclipsed looking iris. THAT means he is seriously trying to hold back as he still looks pretty calm yet on-the-edge of losing it XD I LOVE IT. I can go on about that for hours I'm serious : P You have captured his personality incredibly well ! His whole body language screams 'Shinri' just to say how well you portrayed him ! His body language and expression really speak to my imagination, I could see so many next actions following up this gesture of his (;

It also kind of urges me to take those hands off his face and say that whatever is bothering him will be okay (,: I tell you, when I want to reach out to a character no matter if they are my own or someone else's, then you managed to really make the emotions powerful ;u; And here, they are powerful !

I'm also in love with the way you have drawn his shoulder feathers ! I love how they are so slender and elegant looking and kind of fanning out C: And his hair looks absolutely suberb ! I love the delicate yet spiky look of the strands <3 Your style looks super cool I'm noticing for real now ;u; I think it works perfect for Shinri ! XD

And I last want to mention your shading and linework look incredibly good ! I see you are working in Photoshop from the video and I know how hard clean lines can be in that program : P I love the slight blooming/glow at the edges of the shading <3 It gives that certain type of quality to cellshading I've always loved in various drawings I've seen the technique used in (: And believe me, I used to take hours and hours and more hours to work tiringly long on getting lines and cellshading right xD But the trick for me was to not take myself or the shading TOO seriously (I'm a perfectionist myself) and try to do it a bit more nonchalantly and clean up the messy parts in the end when the big areas of rough shading were done (; For me that really worked ;u; Cellshading is a beast sometimes, a huge beast you have to tame xD But believe me, your shading here looks absolutely wonderful ! I love how it's actually not too overwhelming or in-your-face ;u; I have to admit that even if I use a lot of layers and details myself sometimes, I actually am more of a fan of the more subtle cellshading/middle-roud between details and subtle shading. Kinda like how you did it here (: 

AND. you really did do some.. telepathy thing with me I guess because that one song from My Chemical Romance is a song I've been drawing something to for a probable next video as well. Also starring Shinri XD In a huge desolated ballroom haha. *spoilers* That song.. it has always been one of my personal themesongs to just turn my back on the annoying things in life. As well as a song I always saw so spot on to illustrate Shinri's personality ;u;.. I'm incredibly moved as well you have chosen that song to go along with the video ! NYAH. I want to cry even more in happiness now XD I can sleep in peace now ;u;

I can't thank you enough for the amazing gift ! I wasn't expecting it at all which makes it even more wonderful ;u; You truly are a kind person !

I wish I could hug you through the screen XD :heart: .... THANK YOU

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Now it's my turn to spend all day thinking about what to say in response because I'm so overwhelmed with happiness that you liked it that much! *u* (And because I also usually fail to express myself properly in words unless I plan them like a piece of literature XD)

I'm super flattered that you say I got the anatomy correct! I really like to put a lot of focus into making other peoples' -- especially artists' -- characters' anatomy on point and how they see their characters, even translated into my own style. And I really enjoyed drawing Shinri's beautiful anatomy! So it makes me super happy that I succeeded in doing that! :D Hehe and even though I find psychology fascinating, mind-reading is not one of my abilities. XDD (The Netherlands are too far away from Japan to try that even if I could) I always try to figure out what all the character's owner loves most about their character's anatomy by what is usually emphasized in the style/theme of the character itself in all its art. ;D

And I'm glad I managed to draw him correctly in-character! 8D I came up with that pose after reading on his reference sheet about how "He is a worrier, and his mind is never silent" and "A bit cocky and stubborn sometimes, but it's often just a shield to hide insecurity" so was inspired to put some of that idea into the expression, as well as what I've come to know about his personality from all your other art of him~! :D I also tend to give poses a myriad of different options for the viewer to interpret what's happening...and you like, found them all! XD
I'm also glad you loved the emotions in it! <3 I love pouring really strong emotion into a character piece, and forcing it all into the subtle details like the tension in the muscles, the expression, etc. ^_^ I would comfort him too if I could!! ;u;
I've been drawing TONS of feathers lately, but drawing somewhat ragged, worn, and also styled feathers was a first for me, so I'm glad you liked them! <3 And I love drawing and going wild with the hair~! I consider my style with drawing hair to be a little bit based off how a lot of shoujo manga hair is drawn, with thin, elegant strands going here and there to complement the bigger pieces. CX

And I'm a perfectionist too, almost to a masochistic level. XD I've been trying to kick myself out of the urge to zoom all the way in and spend a few extra minutes making those last pixels on the edge of a line look smooth and with the absolute perfect thickness, but this was the first time in a long time that I was able to make clean lineart with about as much painstaking effort as a careful sketch! And I finally got past my cell-shading-exclusive art block when I just began cell-shaded without trying soooo hard to get every last shaded area in perfect shape, while the smudge tool can come in handy on fur when I just can't ever be satisfied with where the edges are in a shaded part. C'x Thank you so much for the advice and complements!! <33

And omigoodness that's amazing!! XDD I discovered the song back when I watched a really nice Wolf's Rain AMV several years ago. (It's sadly been deleted since then ;^; ) And then recently, early this week, I suddenly decided to go look up the song again, and it became my inspirational themesong for the week as I played it on loop every waking moment. XD (typing the lyrics in all caps on social media hah). I'll admit when I was picking music for the timelapse, I thought to myself this seemed like the kind of song you might make an awesome timelapse art video to. I've found a strong love for the songs with a lot of powerful emotion, that are sometimes even a bit angry, but relatable-y angry, but always so powerful... and also incredibly inspirational! I think what my mind is trying to describe is probably a genre I can only think of calling the "Shinri Genre" of music. Something Autlaw would draw an incredibly epic and inspirational drawing of Shinri to. That's so neat that I guessed something like that. XD I'm so looking forward to seeing it!! I definitely have to say, your timelapse videos have greatly influenced my taste in American music! :D Despite having been raised my whole life since infanthood in America, I've never really taken a liking to the music until I began watching AMVs and then your timelapses~! ^w^

Thank you so much for the kind words!! u@ It means so much considering I look up to you a lot as an artist, and just went all out in this piece for the one who inspired me to improve my art the most! <3 I wish I could huge you through the screen too! You're so very welcome~!!!