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First Hunting Lesson

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Baby Morgan 4152 is just as excited for his first hunting lesson as he is hungry for the lovely reesel snack his momma, Say'ri 1749, caught and brought for him. <3

II - The Importance of Supper
It's important to learn where your food comes from.
° Draw or write your Kukuri's parent teaching their pup how to hunt for carnivores, showing the best eating place for herbivores, or either for an omnivore.
° A parent or guardian must be visible in the picture.

I tried to experiment a whole bunch with the background painting techniques for this art, and I ended up spending a whole lotta time just slowly painting the background over the course of a few days with days off every other day. Overall, I am happy with how this turned out. ^^ I dabbled in a different method for painting all the foliage as well as the details in the fallen tree, and I think it was a big improvement in terms of my natural background painting abilities! *3*

Art & characters (c) PriestessShizuka 
Kukuri species (c) Unikeko
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It looks amazing! <3<3<3
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"Dad, that's not the kind of mouse we need!"

"WSorry, son. I am just an olf Kukuri trampld by technology..."
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Haha, it's still meat that runs. XD
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Mouse: Methinks the lad needs an optical mouse...
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That looks really great.
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Awww this is sooo cute!
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