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Riaru said all my drawings of him were too girly. He was right. X3 So I set out to correct it. I hope I did well.

FFXI (c) Square Enix

Edit: We both forgot he totally wanted a cape. I added a cape. I also pulled the nose in just a bit cause it was too big. Changed the mouth to more of a grin also. Yayfun.
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i love the semi-crazed smirk
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Any taru will always be cute. No matter what you do to them they will always be cute! ANGRY TARU RAGES ARE CUTE.

This looks friicken awesome lol. You pulled the soul eatter effect off nicely :3 And the cape makes it epic, because anything with a cape is epic. 8D
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XD It's alright. It's fine. Because NO ONE suspects the cute little taru! >=D
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angry taru rages really ARE cute.. lol!
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I think this might be my favorite piece in your gallery! I love the colors you used! :D They really set the mood for Dark Knight. Not to mention you did so well on the details of the armor, and the magic effects are subtle but look fantastic. :nod: I dont really see a cute taru when I look at it. I'm too captured by the wonderful atmoshpere to notice it's an onion. X3

Well done!
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Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you liked it so much. ^^
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Yay Taru!! No matter how serious one can be, they still are cute! Nicely done with the shading & colours.
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Thank you very much. ^^
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Hi pietaru :)

Another piece of your artwork was used again to illustrate a friend upgrading relic scythe ;) hope you don't mind.

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Not at all, thanks for letting me know.
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That shading is godly good. Blows my mind
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Oh god, somehow... I missed this, HOW!? HOOOWWW!? *dances around to 'give me up'* xD no but really okdjfaljf PoP!!!

Beautiful job * o *
First off, the gear and the coloring is freaking amazing! PURPLE! And I love the effect around the scythe sdfjkaf! :heart: NICE job POP!
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X3 Thank you Sora~ :heart:

And I totally miss stuff all the time. T-T So don't feel bad lol.
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He looks awesome, and definitely not girly :P
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You deserve great kudos for even drawing the armor as well as you have. I also love the way the light is reflecting off of the metal. The way the darkness seems to swallow everything behind him also helps to emphasize the shine of his armor.

Simply put, an amazing job, as usual. XD
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Thank you very much. ^^ I really wanted a lot of contrast but to keep everything horribly black. XD [emo]As if it would swallow a man into a pit of despair unlike the world has ever seen nor could possibly understand. [/emo] :|

j/k XD
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-takes deep breath-
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x_x Goodness. Breathe ....
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Can't have people passing out on me >_>; that's a quick way to get sued.
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; o;
tis sowweh~!
I will try not to be pulled into the awesomely... cute taru who wants to eat mah soul~!
anyways~! good job on the pic~! :heart:
Looks awesome~!
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