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Midnight Excursion

An early birthday present for :iconmajeev:.

Thanks for always being so encouraging and supportive! ^^

Maiev (c) :iconmajeev:
FFXI (c) Square Enix
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forleafe's avatar
Beautiful. Never has an excursion looked so pretty. ^^
Amaipetisu's avatar
One of my favourites pieces from you so far! :heart: this is pretty good, I saw the details and the work on the feathers, outfit, everything.. But I'm digging the whole drawing, the scene and light effects, both are charming.. love it!
priestessofpie's avatar
Aww thank you! That means a lot to me. =)
KieLiMe's avatar
ohh~ super cute!
Nigai's avatar
So cute! Really like the atmosphere in this. Jugner Forest <3
Rudiwudi's avatar
Crystwater Spring in Jugner, am I correct? Lots of <3 for that place ; ; so pretty. I love the night feeling you gave it, and the glow on the staff. I could feed on this kind of atmosphere X)
priestessofpie's avatar
That's the spot. ^^ Good job! I love how pretty it is there, and the water all sparkles and the mushrooms are so pretty. @_@
Rudiwudi's avatar
Yar! One of my friends took me there a few weeks ago, I was absolutely mesmerized by the place. I didn't even know it existed oO totally cursed myself for buying the fish off AH and skipping the one and only mission related to that spot XD.
Majeev's avatar
Sneaky PoP... i stalk ur DA, but you didn't even put it as some "secret doodle" or something... it got me off guard lolz!
Majeev's avatar
omgomgomg :D thank you XD for da surprise! i really didn't do anyhthing but chat lol! ur jus someone fun to chat with XD

I thought this is the crag infront of holla?, or is it altepa?

I also like the look you gave mai :D sure looks a little bit more grown up LOL (dunno if that was part of the theme haha!)

<3 da belly button as well rofl :O :O!

thanks pie :D
priestessofpie's avatar
It's Jugner. XD And you know me with my long legs.
Majeev's avatar
ahh i was close enough! holla next to jugner :D and yea, you sure took a spin on this artwork :D!

thankssss pop :D::::D:D:D:D
D-Sabourin's avatar
Nice, Altepa desert, correct?

Like how you have the background faded to give it a sense of perspective.
priestessofpie's avatar
It's actually Jugner Forest. XD
D-Sabourin's avatar
oops. Sorry. It looked like sand in the background so I assumed the water was the pond in the desert. And the fact I quit FFXI little less than a year ago dosn't help either. ^^;
priestessofpie's avatar
That white part in the back is actually a part of the crag, but I can see how you got altep what with the oasis and such.
Dawgjr's avatar
awww ^w^ This is very cute! =D I love the coloring and details! X3 :dance:

and...doooh >o<; you make me wana draw chocobos ;_; LOL
priestessofpie's avatar
I luvvvvv chocobos. I always have. X3 I really haven't been comfortable drawing them until recently though.
Kareiya's avatar
awwww so adorable! perfect for a pres
RinTheYordle's avatar
Oh sweet he's gonna love this!! Wonderful Pop! I love the atmosphere a lot :D it really brings out that midnight feel.

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