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I'm also a black mage.

While a white mage by trade, I do have a special love for the more desctructive mage jobs.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of qualified persons in my specialty, I am typically unable to indulge my urges to pull elements from the ether and rain destruction down upon my foes. Thus it remains more of a hobby of mine, something done when I have the time and there are no pressing tasks set for me.

Not to mislead anyone, I absolutely adore white mage. It will forever be my profession of choice. However, every once in a while... I will be called upon as a black mage, and I enjoy every glorious moment of it.

There's just something elegant about causing one's opponent to char from the inside out.

I didn't want to spend a long time on this. I think I spent longer than I intended though. XD

FFXI (c) Square Enix
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I just wanted to check that you knew this was being used on ffxiah? I was looking for the new items and typed in [link] and there it was! :)
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Yes I did. ~Majeev contacted me and asked if they could use it. ^^ Thanks for looking out for me. :heart:
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Oh I just realised, sometimes it's your picture and sometimes it's what i think is one of Lurazeda's pictures D:
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Hello priestessofpie! I used one of your artwork on my blog entry as supplement artwork. I hope you won't mind. If you do, all you need to do is reply to this comment and I will promptly do as necessary.

Your artwork is credited and also linked to your DA.

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No I don't mind at all! Thanks for letting me know. ^^
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I think you're improving! The spell is awesome :) good effects here too. Lovely black mage.

Hun, did you tried to do less big lines? I think you used pen tool, maybe can use more tiny brush? your lines are very clean and have quality, but thickness is the only thing that I always notice in most of your drawings that make me a bit uncomfortable.
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Yeah I don't know why I use the bigger lines. @@ I know I shouldn't but somehow it usually ends up thicker than I wanted.
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Cute AND destructive.... I likes it...

I love SCH because you can do both any time you feel like it >=3
Anyway, great art and I love the spell effect ^^

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I like scholar too but it doesn't feel like whm or blm. (though the way I play it it's more like blm) I usually team up with two mage buddies of mine and we burn down pets but I have main healed on sch once with relative ease. I do enjoy the versatility though. My mentor in all things black mage is a lvl 75 scholar and he is pretty epic so I'm looking forward to that. It's probably my next job to 75 unless I get off my lazy butt and finish smn.

Goodness, I didn't mean for that to turn into a book. Thanks for the comment!
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=P Maybe you wanted it to be a grimoire on magic?
^.- *uses Pie Arts*

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Oh man I could probably write a few grimoires myself. I'll spare everyone though.
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ahhhhhhh EVERYONE has BLM including me now


Should blm fandom ;3 nioce piccy~
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I'm convinced that everyone has whm rdm or blm to 75 but some people just pretend they don't so they don't have to play it. XD
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secretly has Rdmz LOL OMG SO True
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Too cute. I'm definitely going BLM after I get done with WHM X) I just like the sound of the magic :3 and the WOOOSH! at the end.

So much cooler than bubbles and sparkles. X3
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It's fun for sure. X3
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*high five*

yea BLM!

bring the powa!
DarkPiro's avatar
Errant gear is like standardized mage military uniform xD
priestessofpie's avatar
It looks so professional. XD
DarkPiro's avatar
very :3

like a hitman? xD

"no women, no kids"
*shoot shoot*
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I dunno, some of them women and children are pretty crazy in Vana'diel.
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