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CxB Week 2018: Wednesday Sept 26: Crossover
Though Brainy had said they could have a 21st century date in the "future", Brainy regretted not planning the night himself. Now he was in his lab with Clark, his grinning boyfriend, looking at the two "Blu-rays" he was holding for him to pick from.
"Clark," Brainy wasn't sure if he could make it through this conversation without yelling, "Do you remember what happened the last time a 1980s cartoon came into this lab?"
Looking at the movies, Clark frowned, looking insulted, "The Smurfs cartoon show was from the 80s, the movie is from 2017."
"Uh-huh," Brainy made a show of rolling his eyes, "I know the other one is also an 80s product."
"Nope," Clark grinned, "The Troll toys were from the 80's, this movie is from 2016."
"Media from, and based on, the 1980s is cursed," Brainy deadpanned, hating that he had been forced to use such a nonsense concept to get his point across.
"It wasn't so bad," Clark hid his face behind his media disk cases, making Brainy strongly susp
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CxB Week 2018: Tuesday Sept 25: Magic
"Is this your card?" asked Clark, holding up a King of Hearts.
"No," stated Brainy.
"You didn't even look," Clark's pout was evident in his voice.
"I know it's not my card," explained Brainy, continuing to read the book about Harry Houdini that Clark had that brought up his ridiculous exercise to begin with.
"How do you know?" asked Clark.
"I never returned the card to the deck," Brainy looked up at Clark's indignant gasp.
"That's cheating," Clark scolded.
"If it was magic, you would have pulled my card out of the deck anyway," reasoned Brainy, knowing full well that it was only slight of hand.
Rolling his eyes, Clark looked at the card he had singled out and smiled. He scooted closer to Brainy, and kissed him.
Though surprised, Brainy easily kissed back.
When they parted from the kiss, Brainy was looking at the Queen of Hearts.
"Is this your card?" Clark grinned.
"Now that is cheating," commented Brainy, blushing at Clark's smile widening before they were kissing again, the cards forg
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CxB Week 2018: Monday Sept 24: Weather
The rain was not scheduled but Brainy imagined rain in the past was never scheduled. It came when the clouds "decided". Rain could be predicted but never controlled.
Just like Superman could be predicted but rarely controlled.
When the rain began, Brainy predicted Superman would grab them and take them under shelter to avoid Brainy's holographic disguise wouldn't fail despite Brainy assuring Superman that his close-knit body projector was weather proof, several times, before they ventured outside. Instead Superman flipped his cape as a make-shift umbrella over them and stood in place, smiling up at the sky.
"You like the rain?" Brainy asked, knowing full well that the cape wouldn't keep them dry long but deciding not to point it out.
"I like random surprises," Superman smiled down at his companion, "Just like your visit today."
"So, you've gotten three surprises today," commented Brainy.
Before Superman could question it, Brainy floated up a little to kiss Superman's lips and smiled at
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CxB Week 2018: Sunday Sept 23: Myth
"What about Lois Lane?" Brainy hesitated to ask but he had to know, for sure, before any of this went any further.
Tilting his head, Clark asked, "What about her?"
Again, Brainy hesitated, he wasn't supposed to reveal too much about the future.
Cautiously, Clark stepped closer, "Brainy, what is it?"
Sighing, Brainy hoped he wouldn't be erased from existence in a butterfly effect when he said this, "According to historical documents, you marry her."
Clark blinked, his lips twitched and he barely had time to grab his stomach before he started to laugh.
And laugh.
Fall over and laughed some more.
If Clark needed to breath as much as a human, Brainy would be concerned.
"I fail to see how this is finally," Brainy finally shouted above Clark's roaring laughter.
"It's a myth," Clark barely managed between chuckles.
"What?" Brainy stared.
"Myth, myth," Clark exclaimed joyfully.
"Yes?" a woman walking by stopped to look at the couple, whom she thought called out to her. She kept walking though
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CxB Week 2018: Saturday Sept 22: Music
The villain of the day had been defeated and it only took all night.
Floating out in space, Superman couldn't help but smile as he watched the sun peek out from around the Earth.
Somewhere, a new day was dawning back home.
Brainy watched as Superman gazed at Earth, the sun highlighting him even from such a great distance. He scarcely noticed when the hero began to hum.
"Do you know where your heart is," Superman started to sing softly, mostly to himself, but Brainy was close enough to hear it,
"Do you think you can find it
Did you trade it for something, somewhere
Better just to have it."
Turning, Superman smile at Brainy and Brainy felt as if he had been blinded by the sunlight shining all around him. Or perhaps burned with how warm his face was.
"Do you know where your love is," Superman sang stronger now, approaching Brainy and making his face turn a darker shade of green,
"Do you think that you lost it
You felt it so strong but nothings
Turned out how you want it."
For a moment Bra
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CxB Week 2018: Friday Sept 21: Fanfiction Friday
There was something in the Church.
Something that screamed so viciously, the nearby townspeople locked themselves into their houses the moment the sun started to set in fear that it was hungry.
The church had been abandoned for years. Not even new graves had been dug since the old priest chained closed the doors and quickly moved away.
And that had been before the screaming started.
Of course, the town had tried to dismiss it as the wind or crazy imaginations at first. But then it got louder and longer until the town could no longer sleep. And no longer ignore it.
That is when the elders wrote and begged Clark to help them.
Clark could always see things others couldn't see. Hear things others couldn't hear. Touch things without harm that burned others.
As he had grown, Clark's adoptive mother always called him a gift from God so when he was grown he followed God's path to use these abilities to help others. Sometimes that meant striking down others who harmed in the name of God but mos
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CotE Chp25
Since they didn't have a baby monitor yet Spock and Brainy agreed to keep the bassinet with Akilah sleeping within at the foot of their bed. Their bed because the suit only had one adult sized bed and neither would let the other one sleep on the couch so they were sharing.
"There is no reason for us to hesitate in this matter," Spock reasoned. "We will both be dressed in sleeping garments, Akilah will be in the same room and it is too early in the courtship for any funny business to come into play."
The fact that Spock said funny business was almost enough to make Brainy want to laugh but he was too busy feeling ill. Spock would be the third person Brainy shared a bed with, even if it was just sleeping, since the Legion joined up with the Enterprise for this mission and he couldn't help but feel like someone was playing a sick joke on him.
"I need to take a shower," Brainy avoided Spock's statement all together, gathering his sleeping garments.
Spock nodded, suggesting to
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 2 1
CxB Week 2017: Crossover
The Green Lion purred in Brainy's mind, a steady presence as he worked away on the borrowed laptop, trying to figure out how far away they were from Earth. At least the Earth of this universe.
Just days ago, a ship that could cross realities invaded New Metropolis. In reality, it seemed the invasion had been in error, the pilot "testing out the waters" of the ship's capabilities, as it wasn't outright attacking anyone but had done enough damage while roaming about that the Legion was called. While Superman was trying to push the ship away from the city, Brainy had latched on trying to hack his way into the cockpit when the ship all but drifted them away from their reality back to the one it came from.
All too quickly Brainy and Superman were, as Superman put it, "ditched" by the ship and left in the middle of unfamiliar space, outer space that is. There were no planets within sight and nothing that matched Brainy's databases to give an idea of their location.
After a few hours of wande
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CxB Week 2017: Retro
"What kind of food goo are you attempting to feed me?" Brainy stared at the oddly shaped glass that was thinner as it went downward and had a stand at the bottom that kept it from toppling over when set down. Inside the glass was something pink and… goopy.
"It's not goo," Clark pouted, "It's a strawberry milkshake."
"Milk does not shake," Brainy tipped the glass to look inside a bit. "And its spoiled seeing as it's solidifying."
"It's not spoiled," said Clark. "Milk is just one of the ingredients; it's a dessert beverage."
Brainy moved the straw in the glass a bit and frowned, "I'm supposed to drink this?"
"It's strawberry," Clark insisted, "You like strawberries."
"I do but this does not have the appearance or texture of strawberries," Brainy moved around the straw more to emphasis his point.
"This was supposed to be romantic," Clark sighed. "Drinking a milkshake together with two straws-"
"Two straws in the same cup? Do you have any idea how much backwash there would be?"
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 8 9
CxB Week 2017: Senses
21st century Metropolis was quieter at night than the New Metropolis of the 31st century Brainy was used to. Even with the cars and other noises of the city, Metropolis was calmer than New Metropolis and, despite several factors, safer.
Perhaps it was that haven that made Clark insist on Brainy coming with him to the 21st century when Brainy's robotic implants all but fell away to leave a humanoid of solely flesh. At first Clark had taken Brainy to the farm but with Clark away in the city being Superman, Brainy only gained sun kissed freckles and a growing restlessness that no amount of wondering around the farm could ease.
At Ma Kent's insistence, Brainy joined Clark in Metropolis. Despite not having the freedom to wonder around outside due to his complexion, the cooped-up feeling ceased. He learned new things about his body without worry that it would fall apart, how to take care of it and how not to be Brainiac Five.
The first time Clark called Brainy "Querl", Brainy's heart almost
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CxB Week 2017: Colors
"It's just going to be messy," Brainy argued, though he was already sitting on the old blanket in just his underwear. Really, how had Clark convinced him to do this?
"That's what showers are for," Clark joined him on the blanket, also naked besides his underwear, which were actually red like on his suit.
"I doubt this is what the inventor had in mind when he drew up the plans for the first shower," Brainy failed not to stare at Clark's underwear.
"I wouldn't be so sure about that but we don't have to if you don't want to do this," said Clark, face and voice honest and open as always.
Brainy sighed, "I agreed to this and I'll see it through, just expect a lot of complaining, especially if that stuff is cold."
Clark chuckled and kissed Brainy's cheek before reaching for the first jar shaking it up a bit. Once satisfied he opened the jar and dipped his fingers inside.
Blue was the first color Clark painted on Brainy's skin, making mindless swirls, dots and lines up Brainy's arm. The paint
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CxB Week 2017: Famous Masterpiece
It's not about how they look; it's about how they feel.
The line was from a movie Clark had Brainy watch in the 21st century about silly aliens that changed colors like mood rings and the main alien's friendship with little girl. Overall there was worse ways to spend 94 minutes and, admittedly, it was "cute" but the thing the little girl said about stars stuck with Brainy.
Stars felt "hot" as the main alien attested but stars evoked an emotional reaction out of many sentient species. Yet the swirls of color in Starry Night, currently before Brainy at the New Metropolis Museum in the 31st century didn't evoke anything from him. All of the millions of stars Brainy had studied, flew by and observed were little more than balls of light to him. Was there something Brainy's brain was not processing properly?
"Brainy?" Clark called to his boyfriend, not sure why Brainy had stood in front of Van Gogh's most famous masterpiece for so long.
"What does this make you feel?" Brainy asked in
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 5 9
CxB Week 2017: Fanfiction Friday
It was still summer when Clark returned to his home on the farm in his own time. A few more weeks to go before his internship at the Daily Planet in Metropolis even though he had been gone for months. No dust had accumulated in his room, his things were exactly as he left it but something was missing.
The feeling didn't go away the next day or the next as he adjusted to being back. Most days he didn't wear his super suit under his clothing. Other days he wore it to get used to the extra layer of skin, for when he would wear it every day, for the future he knew he would have. The Legion ring would stay in his room, usually in a drawer but he'd often fiddle with it when alone, even though he wouldn't put it on for more than a minute if the urge hit him.
Still the feeling of something missing lingered as he began to prepare for his move to the city. It lingered through planning and packing and every moment of silence and even when he was talking and laughing with his folks it continues to
:iconpriestessofnox:PriestessOfNox 8 5
CxB Week 2017: Beginnings and Endings
How It Would Have Ended: The Other Side of Possibility
Alright so I think enough years has passed that it's pretty obvious that this story is not going to be continued. Unfortunately, comments stopped, the inspiration dried up, all the while life got in the way and new inspirations came along. Still I had a basic outline of how it would have gone and I thought it would be nice to share. Fair warning I'm just putting things down as I think of them and it may not be in any sort of order and there could be things missing. I might add more later if I think of stuff but
- Tweek and Pri-Nox become a couple, get married, move into a house near the Els and have A LOT of kids, like 5 of them.
- Brainy does go blind but Tweek makes a circlet that temporarily restores his sight until he can get back to his world to fix his self-healing functions to restore his sight completely. The ringlet would have been a bit of a running gag because the "power chip" in front was the El Crest and had all
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Queraline Chapter 27
Chapter 27
As Other Clark and Querl embraced, Tinya watched but she stuck back. She wasn't needed yet, she would wait.
Her claws played with the dirt beneath her, softer than the gravel that was there in the real world; fake like the rest of this world. She wondered if others could feel the difference or if it was just because she had been there so long.
How long had it been? Obviously decades had passed, even centuries. Still time was hard to keep track off in her state.
Back before all of this, Tinya had been a rebellious teenager. She had all of the advantages of being a president's daughter but none of the desire to fit the role. Her "ghostly" powers made it all too easy to sneak away and spend her time on her terms.
Still it wasn't like she had ever really done anything bad or hung out with the wrong crowd. Then again the crowd she hung around with got her into this mess. Who knew Time Institute nerds would have caused an accident to send her back in time to before aliens
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Right to the Good Parts
1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can't stop looking at your mouth.
The conversation had started normal, like it always did after a fight. Saitama scolded Genos for being hot headed, reckless, not looking out for himself, etc… All the while trying to tell him that he "did a good job" up until Genos had a arm ripped off that was.
Still Genos could have continued to fight, could have had a chance to impress his Sensei if Saitama hadn't stepped in to finish off the beast with a single punch. Now they were walking home and Sensei was carrying Geno's detached arm and using it to point at Genos for emphasis on occasion, as if carrying a dismembered limb was no big deal to the man.
But then, it would be by this point, wouldn't it? Saitama had carried Genos' parts on numerous occasions by now, even lifting Genos himself with ease to take him in to Dr. Kuseno for repairs.
Yet as Saitama absently moved Genos' arm around like a school lecturer's pointer, telling Genos y
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1) What's your favorite prime-time (from 8pm to 11pm) show on the core networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC)?

Hard to say... Would have to Say "Agents of Shield" at the moment and I am so excited about the spin off show "Agent Carter" that I could have a seizure when I see the opening credits.

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If you count not thinking about it then the answer is no. If you mean looking at it / reading it then I have before.

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No clue. I don't really fangirl over manga villains like I do with Disney or Superhero movies.

5) Who is your favorite non-manga villain?

Now that's a tough one. It changes constantly.

6) Why do you love to draw/write?

Because I can create my own world with my own rules and there are no limits my imagination can't reach.

7) What was your first DA submission?

I actually had to look since I didn't remember. It was a picture of Neo Queen Serenity that I painted on my wall.

8) What kind of DA submissions do you favorite more than others?

I favorite a lot of fanart.

9) What's your favorite music genre?

I don't really have one; I sort of just like whatever catches my fancy. I guess I really only dislike heavy metal.

10) What anime/manga character would you turn gay for?

Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon.


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