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Todd and Lisa

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Just like the title says, Todd and Lisa(from Maiden of the Moon's fic "Skeletons"). I drew them just for fun with pencils. It was sorta nice, finally I had an idea for a bigger drawing(most of my drawings nowadays are just quick doodles).

I gave Todd a bit longer hair than Roy(I have a weakness for long-haired boys), and I decided to put Lisa's hair on ponytail, since it just seemed to fit her. I kinda copyed Todd's clothes form one of my mangas(I won't tell which), but with Lisa I sorta made a mixture of some clothes of my mangas(I love designing clothes, but really, I have no sense of fashion)
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I :heart: long haired boys, too!

And, actually, Todd's hair is longer-- I can't remember where I wrote it, but it was mentioned somewhere that he keeps his hair in a little ponytail. (Like Kindaichi in "Kindaichi Case Files," if you happen to read that. ^_~)


I LOVE THIS PICTURE! XD Todd and Lisa don't get enough attention, and this is so cute! :3 I especially like Todd's expression... and it's nice to see a calm Lisa. ^_~

Thank you so much for drawing this! :cuddle:

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Hee...*blush*. Sorry, I wasn't able to remember that. But I'm really glad you liked it! And you don't have to thank me, I had really much fun drawing this! And it was a good relaxion between reading to exams.
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You're welcome! Thank YOU for drawing it-- pictures like this really brighten my day! ^_^

(PS. Sorry it took me so long to reply-- I'm increadibly behind on my deviantart stuff. ^_^;;;;;;;)