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Angelic wings


1.Link and credit what you use . (make an apropiate link use my icon next to a stock link or just an icon that is linked back here is fine aswell and or a link that says priesteres-stock.)

2.Send me a note if You have creaded something .(I love to collect the images create with my stock and you get a and a comment in return.)

3.Dont give an image just a different color ,that is still not youre art then.I can do that for myself .

4.Use it for manips as you wish but change the whole apearence.

5.The origanal photos and or images are mine and stay mine .

6.If you wish to use any for comercial work you need my consent.
site without my personal consent !!!!! Let this be very cle
7.I dont want my stock beeing put in archives on any other ar on that.

8.Dont sell it and do not pass it off as youre own !!

9.Its illegal to put any of my images on youre own site that are mine .I will take action if you do.

10.When you download 1 of my files of an on authorized server its illegal to use that file .

11.You may use a thumbnail to link to my image and my page here ,but let me know so mistakes wont happend.

12.This is not for comercial use .Personal use only!!!

13. please ad to youre favs when you desided to use it .I am not asking i am telling you.
(this way i can check who got my photo's or used it.An or to who i gave permision to do so)

14. i dont alow the making of brushes out of my photo's or stock i provide ,to ad it to youre own account.

15.To avoid legal actions taken ,You must follow these steps and there are not that hard .Let me know and you wil be safe to use, is one of the priorities.If you want to use it outside deviant art you can mail me ,if you dont you can not use any of my files !!
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Thank you! I love the wings & gave you c

DSC03882 - Cyan and Green-001-Cropped copy


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Thank you for the stock!:heart:

Used here . . .


hello, perfect wings

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Beautiful wings! Look forward to using them and will post when I do

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I used here :  In my dream by Laura-Graph  Many thanks :-)
I found your angel wings site in a tutorial by a photographer. I will send you my finished work on a picture I will be working on for my daughter. If, in the future, I have a client that is looking for an angel look, do you offer these for sale so that I am legally able to use them in my photos? Thank you....I am new to all of this and just want to make sure I am following procedure. N.T.
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 -3 by Resavel Thank you!!!!!
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используется здесь: night fairy
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Used here thanks :)  Angel X by annemaria48
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used here thank you :)

2017 by VelaniArt
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Thanks used here  Red Riding Hood by slickchic
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Thank you for the used!:iconnewhugplz: Christmas faery by Alimera
new to composites and love these wings you created I will post when I get something created
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Used here thanks :)  Santa  Child Born by annemaria48
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Bloomy by Sigkla Used here , thanks!
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I am learning composites and I got your link from Tara Lesher.. I plan to play with these to try to create an image with my granddaughter in it.. Will let you know when I complete the image.. Thank You..:)
beautiful wings, I'm new at compositing using stock, so I'm adding this to my favorites and plan to download later, when I know what I'm doing :) 
I created a picture with your wings, I dont know how to post it here so you can see it... what should I do?
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Used here thanks :)  The angel 2 by annemaria48
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