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The Light Of The Night by Leonid Afremov


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The Light Of The Night by Leonid Afremov


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Stay Safe

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Ada emiliedionne Arkacia

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Best Laid Plans

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Black Motion

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 Dsc0007 Focus

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Grumpy baby

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Dear Diary

5/20/2067 Dear Diary, I am so happy that I met Apollo. I don't know what I would do without him. He is my dream come true. He is the Prince Charming to my Cinderella. I love the way he holds me and how I always feel so safe and secure in his arms. I love the way he kisses me and whispers sweet things to me. I love how he looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes. Every time I stare into his eyes, I see the deep love that he has for me. I love how he is always so kind and gentle to me. I love his sense of humor and wittiness. I love how he makes me laugh and always brings me up when I am down. I love how he wipes away my tears when I am sa

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clouds at night

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LeGrandzilla with Kong vs Godzilla Kit

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nice rose

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Blue Faerie 2

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Marsh Crane

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Le Sur-Grati / Nord Vaudois

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rain drops keep falling ......

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Happy Birthday PridesCrossing

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Tinkering around

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Aylardan temmuz...


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The rain blindsides you, expected when people withdraw shadows and sing in languages your ears find strange. Morning has no hue- shallow hints that leave no track on that aching landscape you claim as your home.   You gather the wind around your collar, praying for a sun  that once owned you. But the morning is in ruins - tired restraints and flaws you once found beautiful and profound.

The Wonderful Work Of Scarlettletters

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Skyfinder Commission- Pouty Eevee

Bishop Blitz

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the man in Venice

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thank you for being you

My dear friends, I sincerely love you And thank you for being you > > Dear All my friends I made this journal as the last journal using this version of Deviant Art before Eclipse. Because I can not use skins I made in Eclipse. To show my love and respect to all my amazing artist friends whose works are in this journal and those who I forgot to add because I am in a rush to make this before the Eclipse happens. I wish you all happiness and health and I am sure that god always is with you all and keeps you safe.

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The Akohekohe

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these are for you .........

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Sunday Morning Breakfast.

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sniffing - GIF

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Spot Observe le Chat du Voisin

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Footprints On Our Hearts

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Tarrie Cat Army

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