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Tumtum as well as the other terms in the Culture-exclusive Genders folder are genders that are specific to certain cultures and should not be used by people not of that culture. If you're not sure you're able to use this, feel free to send an ask on, I have followers that could help you out! 

"[Androgynos and Tumtum]
 are both genders from Jewish culture, so [both definitions are] here. Tumtum is where a person’s gender is hidden or private, and is closest to agender. Androgynos [This one] is where a person is intersex or otherwise has qualities of both a woman and a man, and thus would be closest to bigender. Both genders are assigned to children if they are born as intersex.

Unfortunately, the most that you would see of tumtum and androgynos is discussions of how to deal with the child’s genitals (as in, whether or not to perform surgery; tumtum is usually assigned to intersex conditions where the genitals end up covered by skin, and androgynos is assigned to intersex conditions where they are a mix of the usual two). Either that, or these two genders are treated as mere “what if” genders for certain laws (for instance, if a law states different treatment for women and men, how would it apply to someone who is both or neither? That sort of thing).

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this flag reminds a form of agender X (perhaps bxy/agender boy)