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Trigender: "A gender identity which can be literally translated as 'three genders' or 'triple gender'. Trigender people experience three gender identities, either simultaneously or varying between them. These three gender identities can be male, female and/or any non-binary identities. For other identities for those who experience multiple genders, please see multigender.

Trigender people may also identify as polygender, non-binary and/or transgender. If a trigender person feels that their identity changes over time or depending on circumstance, they may also identify as genderfluid, which describes any person whose gender identity varies over time.

Trigender people can have any gender expression but many prefer to be seen as androgynous and/or change their presentation to be more masculine or feminine depending on their current identity. Trigender people may experience dysphoria in which they want their body to reflect traits from three distinct sexes, or experience dysphoria at some times but not others. However, not all trigender people experience dysphoria. Some trigender people may choose to transition so that their body more closely matches their gender identity, but not all do." 

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Yellow is a color of friendship. it represents unity among all trigender people. it is also frequently used as a symbol for nonbinary genders.

Green is frequently used to represent gender experiences that fall outside the binary - that is, genders that are not male, female, or a mix of the two.

Purple is the color of androgyny. it represents both masculinity and femininity at once, as well as all of the spaces between the binary genders.

The current trigender flag erases individuals who do experience three genders when two of the three are not “male and female”. there’s no reason why trigender shouldn’t be inclusive of anyone who experiences three genders, regardless of the specifics.this flag represents not only the “male+female+NB” experience, but also the “male/female+NB+NB” and “NB+NB+NB” experiences."

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