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Transgender (1) by Pride-Flags Transgender (1) by Pride-Flags

Transgender: An umbrella term covering all gender identities or expressions that transgress or transcend society’s rules and concepts of gender. To be trans usually means to identify as a gender other than the gender one was assigned at birth. The category of transgender includes people who have the binary gender identities of female (transgender women) or male (transgender men). The transgender umbrella includes people with nonbinary gender identities. However, some nonbinary people don't call themselves transgender.

Designed by: Monica Helms

All flags and designs in this gallery are HQ (usually 5000x3000px) and are free to use for anything pride-related! You can download the full size on the right sidebar. Do not hesitate to ask questions, submit new flags, or request combo flags, I'm happy to help!
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sunneaae Featured By Owner May 31, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
i mean, i feel like i'm transgender, but i'm not sure. just listen to me for a while.
well, i'm really indifferent when it comes to my gender. i'm a female and i'm kinda not feeling it. i would be also fine if i would be a boy, but i kinda prefer myself as a girl. i also don't feel like i am non-binary, cuz in poland we strongly believe in that, that there are ONLY two genders so it would be hard for me to be a non-binary folk in poland.
when someone calls me "he" or thinks that i am a boy - i feel kinda... satisfied. when someone tells me that i am a "perfect girl" and that stuff and use "she" pronouns, i feel kinda... weird and i'm not feeling a girl.
when i was way younger, i was a proud and girly girl. i would play dolls, wear dresses and all that "girly" stuff. when i grew up, it's stoped. i started to hate dresses and i was not enjoying girly things. well, but i'm still kinda girly. i watch anime and read manga and i also love to draw - and those are REALLY girly things. there is no way for me to be transgender male. when i see boys in my school i think "well, i could be a boy, i don't give a f*ck". but then, i guess i would feel really... sad. i'm sick and tired of being a girl, and i would be too if i would be a male, but being a male sounds more... fine. i guess it's just a big, one phase. i also feel indifferent when it comes to my body. i mean, my breasts kinda annoy me, but i don't care. i want my body to be more androgynous. i also dressup like a emo, which is a really girly style. i just don't know who i am anymore, so it's important for me to know. can someone tell me? PLEASE.

thank you for listeling to me : )
Sageixen Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, nobody can tell you who you are. That's for you to find out my friend. If you wanted a piece of advice. 

masterball2 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2019
How do I use this on my profile?
masterball2 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2019
My gender is female and my sex is currently male.
ElPerroArtista Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019  Professional General Artist
My Friend Is A Transgender 
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KittySky26 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018
Good shit!
srbarker Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I'm Gonna Be This Way My Life Through by srbarker
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