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Salmacian / Bigenital

Salmacian or Bigenital: As a term for people who wish to have a mixed genital set (such as a penis and a vagina, or something in between); derived from the name of the nymph Salamacis, whose body was merged with that of the son of Hermes and Aphrodite in the ancient Greek myth which also gave us the word "hermaphrodite"). This does not necessarily correspond with certain gender(s), you could be a Salmacian/Bigenital trans woman, or bigender, or agender, etc.

Coined by: (Salmacian) Raphael Carter and popularized in the Androgyny RAQ: Angel's Dictionary. (Bigenital) Anonymous

Designed by: Anonymous

Note: The original definition said "male-to-intersex" and "female-to-intersex" instead of "mixed genital set" because it seemed like kind of iffy terminology to use to describe this.

Color meanings: The root word comes from Salmacis, a nymph who plays a role in the myth of Hermaphroditus (who in turn is the source for the word herm***ite). In the myth, the two were joined together in one body and lived in a fountain/spring from then on. The design is meant as an abstract picture of the spring. Top half is light blue for the sky, bottom half is greenish brown for the ground, and then a thick blueish-purple bar in the middle for the spring

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I love the flags you've shared on here, and I favorite some that are me (I'm a trans woman and a lesbian). This one caught my interest because of the color ordering. The three colors I like are blue, green, and purple. Seeing this puts me in wonder. Who knew my three favorite colors are a flag? That's pretty neat!
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Aaaaaaaa Thank you so much!!!!! I've been considering myself genderfluid, but this seems more like what I feel like. thank youuuuuuu
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I think maybe just say those who wish to have a mixed genital set? Bc intersex is more of an identity that can't be chosen I think//is dyadic

also idk why but I can only type in italics, ok

edit: I meant "biologically determined" by chosen, sorry. Like it's a group you can't be in unless you were born into it
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Hi there, forgive me for nudging in on this. I'm just browsing and came across this post, but got a little confused by your wording...
' is more of an identity that can't be chosen' <- particularly this bit. 
Obviously no, being intersex is not something that can be chosen, but...the way you've worded this seems to imply that there are other identities that can be chosen? are you saying being trans is a choice...? 
Sorry again, i'm just confused here.
two people run this account but only one of them was involved in writing this. call me Dog.
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Yeah, you're right. I think what I was comparing it to in my mind was race, thinking about how 'transethnic' people were really racist according to many poc

I think I meant biologically determined?
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Ah, fair enough. :) understood, no worries.
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Thanks. I'm on mobile but I'll edit it when I can
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but this is a psychological sex or fenotypical sex, like angenital "assex" (nullsex), ambigenital, wanting more organs

they are not intersex, also ASABs are problematics
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That's correct! The experience of being intersex is determined solely by biological factors, most commonly a mismatch of chromosomes (two Y chromosomes, three X, two X and one Y, etc.), which, since chromosomes are determined at conception, cannot be forced or "fixed" at any point in time. There are some intersex folk who have "normal" chromosomes though, but a mix of genitals, such as testes inside of the vaginal tube, which is usually forcefully "corrected" at birth, or at least before the child reaches a year of age, via surgery.

I don't have sources for that, but I do recall finding it somewhere a while back. I can try and find it again, if you're interested.
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Nice! I think it's also a good idea to mention that the h-slur is a slur
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Reminds me of the confused grandparent on the face book that doesn't know how to turn off capsloc <3

And yeah, that sounds better, I fixed it, thanks!
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