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Quoi- WTF- or What-
  • Not sure if you experience attraction or not &/or don’t understand attraction as a concept or feeling, finds the concept of attraction to be inaccessible, inapplicable, nonsensical. / unsure of your orientation
  • Cannot define attraction so unable to say whether or not you experience it.
  • Hard time distinguishing sexual/romantic attraction from other types of attractions, or can't distinguish them at all (ex cant distinguish romantic from platonic, or has a hard time distinguishing romantic from sensual feelings)
  • Can’t find a better term because it is too complicated or because they just don't fit any other term, also considered catch all term for people who fall on the aromantic spectrum but can’t define themselves past that
  • Doesn't experience sexuality/romanticism/etc in a traditional manner.

Quois may differ from gray-a- in many ways. While gray-a- individuals are those who fall somewhere along a line in between allo- and a-, quois may not be on the line at all. Quoi- is generally used as a catch-all term for those who fall somewhere in the category of semi- or alternatively allo-, but do not better fit into any other label. Still, quoi- people can identify as grey-a- as well."

Term coined by: epocryphal

Flag designed by: [Deactivated]

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Is there a "quoigender"?

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