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Procul- "Procul’ is Latin for ‘far away’ or ‘from a distance,’ and describes someone who has attraction/feelings only for people they're sure they can never be in a relationship with, like fictional characters, celebrities, etc.

{Note: many aromantic people fantasize about relationships with celebrities, fictional characters, etc. This term is more about people who feel very strong romantic love/attraction towards these people for an extended period of time, rather than just daydreaming about, if that makes sense}

Aplatonic spectrum: Originally created in the aromantic community, as well as by trauma survivors and neurogivergent folks to describe not feeling platonic attraction (a strong desire to get to know and spend time with someone in a non-romantic non-sexual way. These kinds of attraction typically lead to friendship or, in some cases QP relationships), which are also called “squishes” (as opposed to romantic “crushes”). Platonic attraction exists on a spectrum, just like there’s a spectrum for sexual and romantic attractions. Some people consider aplatonic spectrum as MOGAI, some do not. The abbreviation for aplatonic is “apl” (pronounced “apple”).

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Note: theis user is known for adding or creating flags for some pretty iffy terms, but I'm adding some that I know weren't coined by them and fit this blog. I'm always open to helping create alternatives if you're not comfortable using something made be them!

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