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Poly- Attracted to multiple genders. Can be used specifically or as an umbrella term. Not to be confused with polyamory/polygamy.

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Hey uh...I have a question for you! I'm Polyromantic, and apart of it is NOT being attracted to /most/ Trans-women..I have been before, but it happens so rarely that I don't even consider it apart of my attraction. Anyways, I've been being called Transphobic for this (FTM Non-binary lad myself) and I treat every gender equally! Am I transphobic for not being attracted to trans-women? :( (Sad) Waaaah! 
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Yeah it kinda is. It doesn't make you an inherently bad person though, you just need to work on deconstructing why you don't feel the attraction to them. Is it that you just haven't felt attraction to each one of them specifically or that you still need to unlearn some garbage society has taught you or something. I was in the same boat at first but the more I spent learning and spending time around them my brain started changing and getting rid of my biases.

(sorry for taking so long to respond)
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Society never taught me anything about trans people in a negative connotation ( I didn't know being trans existed until my friend came out as Genderfluid when I was 14)
It's weird though, AMAB NB people are fine, I have been trying to figure out the reason behind this.
I was with a pre-everything trans girl for a bit, but I left her for my current partner 7 months ago ><
I haven't been attracted to many trans-women before her, and very little after her.
I can find trans-women aesthetically attractive, but I have a hard time being romantically interested.
I never have ill thoughts about them, 
I'm really just confused, and am worried it is some transphobia that I need to work out, but I honestly don't know. As an advocate of equality, if that was the case, Id punch myself in the face, and let every trans woman I know also punch me in the face. ><
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"It's not like society is explicitly saying that trans women are bad, it's more subtle than that. When society makes jokes about "men in dresses", being extremely feminine, they are saying that this is something that should be ridiculed, and by extension, something you should not feel attracted to. Society also dictates what kind of bodies are considered attractive, and what kind of bodies should be considered ugly. Like, fat women are often considered ugly and undesirable by society, society jokes about them everytime. When a het man says he does not feel attraction to fat women, should we consider it just an inoffensive preference or is it really because how society can manipulate our desires and attraction as a whole? We are social creatures, and we absorb ideals from society without even thinking about it.
Like, no one is saying that they should feel attraction to trans women, nor that they are a bad person for not feeling attraction. but it is important to understand how you can internalize ideals and desires from society, that our attraction are not totally free from society."

-Honorary Mod