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Polygender, or poly-gender, is a gender identity that falls under the nonbinary and transgender umbrellas. Polygender individuals have several gender identities. Some define polygender as anyone having more than one gender: they may have two (bigender), three (trigender), or more. Others define polygender as strictly people who have more than three genders. Polygender can mean that a person has all these genders at the same time, in a mix. Polygender can also mean that they change from one gender to the next at different times, in which case the word is used interchangeably with genderfluid. 

Polygenderflux: Someone who has more than one gender and has the intensity of those genders range/fluctuate. 

Blue: people whose gender is identified as masculine/semi masculine
Gray: people who are on the agender spectrum
Yellow: people whose gender outside the binary
Purple: people who are polygender (ie. genderfluid, bigender, trigender people.etc.)
Pink: people whose gender is identified as feminine/semi feminine.…

All designs in this gallery are HQ and are free to use for anything pride-related! You can download the full size on the right sidebar. Do not hesitate to ask questions, submit new designs, or request combos, I'm happy to help!

Check out my FAQ here if you'd like to know more! There's links to masterlists of all the different genders/orientations I know of too!
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I made another Polygenderflux flag that I feel fits better than this one bentonthephotoking.deviantart.…