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Polygender, or poly-gender, is a gender identity that falls under the nonbinary and transgender umbrellas. Polygender individuals have several gender identities. Some define polygender as anyone having more than one gender: they may have two (bigender), three (trigender), or more. Others define polygender as strictly people who have more than three genders. Polygender can mean that a person has all these genders at the same time, in a mix. Polygender can also mean that they change from one gender to the next at different times, in which case the word is used interchangeably with genderfluid.

The pink and blue stripes are for masculinity and femininity respectively, and those who feel partially male/female. 
The yellow is for genders outside the binary. 
The black is for those who feel partially agender. 
The grey is for those whose gender(s) change or fluctuate.

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wowoow,, this is definitely the term that describes me,, thank you so much!! :heart: 

also this flag is so pretty i love it