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Pangender (sometimes interchangeable with Omnigender):

-a person who is a large number of genders (at the same time or not).

-a person who is all genders within their own culture and life experience (at the same time or not).

-a person who is infinite genders within their own culture and life experience (at the same time or not).

-a person whose gender experience goes beyond the known genders within their own culture and life experience .

-a person who is binary genders (female and male) + known genders + unknown genders within their own culture and life experience (at the same time or not).

-a person who is polygender and more genders within their own culture and life experience (at the same time or not).

Sometimes people use pandender to refer to "not caring about our gender/how other people view us. Mostly in the sense of, we don't mind whatever pronouns and genders and stuff, as long as people dont try to insist we're cis."

Pangender refers to a wide multiplicity of genders that can (or not) tend to the infinite (meaning that this experience can go beyond the current knowledge of genders). This experience can be either simultaneously or over time.

Being pangender does not require that one knows everything about all the established genders nowadays; being pangender goes beyond the known genders.

Pangender can express gender fluidity or not; for example, a pangender person can manifest a genderflux, flowing from pangender to agender. This is known as Panfluid (or Panflux, the Gender).

The greek prefix “pan” refers to “everything” or “all”, therefore, pangender could mean “all genders”, however the genders of pangender people are limited to their own life experience. Pangenders only identify with genders of their own culture. Pangenders DO NOT try to identify with ethnic genders outside their own culture (and ALL of them by the way), because that’s impossible (one would have to spend their life in ALL cultures). Attempting to identify with ethnic genders outside one’s culture is colonialist/appropriative; people who do that and call themselves pangender should NOT be considered as an example of pangender.  This applies to ALL other non-binary identities: one cannot identify with gender(s) outside their own culture.

You can find more information here:

There has been talk about whether the term Pangender is appropriative or not since "pan" means "all", and there are genders that are exclusive to certain cultures and neurodivergencies that others shouldn’t adopt the terms for themselves. English is a funky language and sometimes words don't mean exactly what their roots make up. Many or most Pangender people don't identify with genders that exclude them. I'm not going to leave the term out of my archive because some people abuse it, since this term is what works for a lot of other people who are respectful with it.

Coined and Designed by nepkrisprite 

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Looking at nepkrisprite 's description, I think nepkrisprite was also the one who coined the flag.  I hope that helps.  Panfluid and panflux are definitely confusing terms for me because they seem very complicated, have different definitions in different sites, are very new, and are still kind of obscure, causing them to be hard to find info about.