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Omni- / Omnigender

Omni- attraction to all genders. Sometimes interchangeable with Pan-. Some who are omni- don't limit their attractions to humans only, and say that they could possibly be attracted to advanced sentient races (i.e. aliens).

I’m going to copy and paste the definition the coiner gave, since it's somewhat different: 

“Its both a gender and orientation. 

As a gender it’s “many but not all” and is something that circles the spectrum but is also an outlier. Maybe some gender feels are stronger at some point, maybe another, but never predominately.

As an orientation it’s again, simply “many, but not all” so like pan but the not all is more of a choice. Like, I like all genders but I choose to disregard my attraction to men bc of society.

These labels are free for anyone to use esp ace/aro spectrum folk!”

Here’s what the flag colours mean:

The flag colours represent the gender binary and all genders in between.  Moreover, they go to show how even binary genders are more than what meets the eye.…
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I just could be Omnigender.

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I thought Omnisexual means that your sexual attraction can change from time to time. 
One minute you're attracted to men the other to women.
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That's Bi-Flux. (Apparently)
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Can you explain omnigender better? I don't get the definition here
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I'm omnigender. ♡ I find this very on point. My orientation and gender is many/ but not nesicarially "always" all. I "do" find a facination in the thought of sentient lifeforms, and do not disregard them as something impossible to fall in love with. My gender has like in genderfluid been a flowing mass of the spectrum. Some areas more grey, and others more profound, but with no clear set point ever truelly established. I will often describe the "feeling" of my gender at the time I may be asked in a binary way of being either more feminine or masculine at the time, but this is just so others can understand as it is waaaay more complicated to explain than that.
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Oh shut up. They can be Omnigender if they want to.

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