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Nonbinary Boy: Nonbinary means not a binary gender. a Nonbinary person might call themselves a boy because they might feel associated with that gender, but be, for instance, a demiboy, which is a non binary gender. Other people might feel comfortable with masculine pronouns and a masculine presentation, and therefore call themselves a boy because of that association and because calling themselves a boy helps express that association, but they may still have a nonbinary identity like agender. Both these people might therefore be a non binary boy. These are just examples, but there are reasons someone might call themselves a non binary boy/girl. 

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This is an alternate version proposed because the originals look confusingly like demigender flags.
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Are non-binary boy people use a he and they pronouns?
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They may choose to use those pronouns, but they don't have to. Pronouns and gender identity do not always correlate. I'm a non-binary boy. and I use ne/nem and he/him, but another non-binary boy might use xe/xem or they/them.
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This sounds better to me than demi-boy for myself.