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Nonbinary: Any gender identity which does not fit within the binary of male and female. Those with non-binary genders can feel that they:

-Have an androgynous (both masculine and feminine) gender identity, such as androgyne.
-Have an identity between male and female, such as intergender.
-Have a neutral or non-existant gender identity, such as agender or neutrois.
-Have multiple gender identities, such as bigender or pangender.
-Have a gender identity which varies over time, known as genderfluid.
-Have a weak or partial connection to a gender identity, known as demigender. Demigender can also be used to explain parts of your gender. Ex: a demigirl would be part girl, part something else. 
-Have a culturally specific gender identity which exists only within the culture they or their ancestors belong to.
-Otherwise feel that their gender is neither fully male nor fully female.
-Have gender(s) that are completely removed from the concept of male/female or masculinity/femininity, such as xenogenders. 
Non-binary people may also identify as transgender and/or transsexual. The label genderqueer has a lot of overlap with non-binary, but is often seen as more political, since queer is sometimes used as a transphobic insult.

Non-binary people may or may not wish to transition so that their gender expression more closely reflects their internal identity. Many non-binary people wish to appear androgynous and adopt unisex names, gender-neutral titles such as Mx. and/or gender-neutral pronouns, but others prefer to express themselves in ways which are traditionally seen as masculine or feminine, to mix aspects of the two, or do something completely different.

Non-binary people can have any sexual orientation, although if attracted primarily to a single gender they may prefer to use gender-terminology to express this.

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For some reason I had a real hard time finding this flag in search results...
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Nutzi gender best gender
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I'm Non-binary and happy pride month everyone
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If it wasn’t real, you wouldn’t be here whining about it. It exists for a reason, child.
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