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Malagender: A gender which is created or influenced by maladaptive daydreaming or fantasy prone personalities. 
For example a malagender person might feel male usually but their gender may feel more nonbinary during a maladaptive daydreaming episode. 
A gender specific to people who experience maladaptive daydreaming due to a neurodivergence such as: schizotypal personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, schizophrenia or similar.

Coined by: Unknown

Designed by: :icon1nklash:

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I've never heard of malagender before, so this is extremely fascinating to me. While I do believe I have Maladaptive Daydreaming, I don't believe I am malagender, even though I've daydreamed about being a man on multiple occasions.
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Could this work with dissociative identity disorder or is it just for the ones in the description? Cause I feel like this fits me where I often day dream about myself being a different gender, I mostly feel female and slightly NB but I often day dream about myself being a boy but I don't actually feel like a male. I also have male and female alters, ones actually transgender 
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Seems like it'd fit in the "or similar"! I think you're fine
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ty for this !! : D
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Mala was coined by amethyst-is-autistic
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Idk about the autistic part, since 9 year old white boys use mental disorders as an insult they would take it for granted, not only that but understanding how a gems physical forms work that would be near impossible. Though in a human AU that could work pretty damn good 
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amethyst-is-autistic is autistic too and made the url in a positive light :) 
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Oh, then that's fine! 
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is that their current url? because when i looked it showed up as deactivated
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yeah they're deactivated know
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amethyst as in SU's amethyst?
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Assuming, it'd be pretty hard for an inanimate object to be autistic :P
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