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Lipstick Lesbian

A lipstick lesbian is slang for a lesbian who exhibits a greater amount of feminine gender attributes relative to other gender expressions, such as wearing make-up (thus, lipstick), wearing dresses or skirts and having other characteristics associated with feminine women.

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Edit: Updated with a HQ version! Thank you Auriga La Fresne
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The description is wrong because a lipstick lesbian is a femme lesbian that dates other femme lesbians. Lydia coined the term and made the flag to represent herself, and she was a femme lesbian that only dated femme lesbians.
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hey you probably want to update this to mention it's history, it was created by a biphobic/butchphobic person

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Hey um... you know this flag was made by a very bad lesbian, right?
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I actually thought Lipstick Lesbian was a term used by lesbian and bisexual women.
I guess I was wrong
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Well historically Lesbian used to mean a woman attracted to other women, regardless of whether or not they were also attracted to men or other genders; its only a recent thing that people have tried to shift the word lesbian to mean "women SOLELY attracted to other women."