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Lesbian Labrys

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Lesbian - A person who is a woman or partially a woman who feels attraction, be it romantic and/or sexual, to other women and partial women.

Labrys - The labrys, or double-bladed battle axe, was a symbol used in the ancient civilization of Minoan Crete (sometimes portrayed as having certain matriarchal tendencies). It represents lesbian and feminist strength and self-sufficiency. It has been in use since the late 1970s. Some lesbians have it tattooed on their inner wrist while others wear it as a pendant.

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The black one was for lesbians, Romani, and any one Nazi's deemed "asocial."
The pink triangle was also used during the holocaust. Specifically for gay men. 
The pink triangle on top of a yellow one, to make a star of David, was specifically for gay jewish people.

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Oh, sorry, meant to add this -- the labrys flag background should be lavender, not dark purple! That's important, because it's a reclamation of the "lavender menace" rhetoric used against lesbian feminists since the '70s.
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Hey, the overall design of this flag was put together by Sean Campbell, as detailed in this post:

Can you put the credit in the description? Thanks!
The black triangle is a Nazi symbol. Larry Kramer (a gay Jewish activist) inverted the pink triangle of a symbol of resistance to AIDS, drawing a comparison to the Nazi regime. Putting the black triangle point-down is exactly the same thing as the KZ badge. Furthermore, there's little hard evidence that lesbians were interned as asocial; homeless people, alcoholics, sex workers, draft-dodgers and pacifists were killed while being forced to wear that symbol. This is a really inappropriate flag. Regards, a lesbian from a Polish Holocaust survivor family.
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At the same time, the Nazi Swastika is a sacred symbol (reversed) to Norse reconstructionists and appears in a few other cultures as well with positive meanings.
Because a symbol has one meaning in one culture and another meaning in another does not automatically make it inappropriate.
It's just like a set of sounds that mean one word in one language and another word in another language.
I doubt many people would look at this flag and see anything related to Nazis.
That said, I don't feel the black triangle is necessary either. I'd rather a heart there or something.