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Lesbian: A woman or a nonbinary person who identifies as a woman in some way who feels attraction, be it romantic and/or sexual, exclusively to other women and nonbinary people who identify as women in some way.

So, this flag is this flag with a white stripe in the middle. This version was idealized by hiscetalfredo here.

This version was made because, according to them, it adds some balance, breaking up the colors and creating a space for resting one's eyes.

Since only a white stripe was added, the rest of the meanings are the same;

Purple - Sapphic Love
Pink - Fragility
White - Trans and gender non-conforming lesbians (as a nod to the transgender flag)
Yellow - Strength
Green - Healing
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Non-binary people do not identify as female. They identify as Non-binary.

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I think you've read the definition wrong. Some nonbinary people are woman-aligned, partially women or nonbinary women in some way, and feel a connection to the lesbian label.

Not all nonbinary people identify themselves as women, but some do (although not constantly/completely/strongly). And that's valid too.

~ A

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That would be considered female, not non-binary. You must mean demigender. Also gender is not "I feel" it's an "I am".

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can you post a HQ version of the orange and pink flag please? I can't find one anywhere
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... Lmao ok
Ew someone who doesn't understand psychology 
Sorry hun but we kind of exist, ain't no changing that
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Non-binary means "a gender not on the binary scale", it's literally in the name lol but. Aight
Some NB genders include femininity, E.G identifying as a demigirl 
Personally, I'm non-binary but my gender links partially to being "female", so this flag works for me

I think the term you're looking for is agender, which means having no gender, which does fit on the non-binary scale however not all NB people are agender

... And then there's the deal of uhh. GNC lmao but I don't want to delve too deep into this or get called shit, so.
Just go off I guess
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Cis male/female and trans male/female are on the gender binary. Anything else, such as literally ANY nb gender, is non-binary.
Take a genderfluid person for an example.
They may fluctuate between m/f/nb or even other genders, but does this mean they are strictly none of them or all of them at once?
... No?? Lol
You know what?
If I'm non-binary, do I call myself gay or a lesbian, hm?

There's no straight answer. 

Yknow why?
Because people identify as NB differently.
Non-binary is not a gender. It's an identity.
An identity meaning your gender is not on the binary scale.
It's that simple.
Yknow how I know this?
I identify as non-binary. My gender is multiseogender.
It means "a gender where one is strongly connected to one gender, but rarely or weakly is connected to one or more other gender(s)."
I feel strongly connected to being agender but at the same time, I weakly feel connected to being female.
Does this make me a woman or on the binary scale? Does this mean I'm NB and nothing but NB?
No???? Like how hard is it to understand this
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i wish i had a girl....
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Hah, oddly enough, I had a similar thought on seeing the (7) version that it might work better with a white stripe down the middle. I'm definitely a fan of this design.
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