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Lesbian: A woman or a nonbinary person who identifies as a woman in some way who feels attraction, be it romantic and/or sexual, exclusively to other women and nonbinary people who identify as women in some way.

Made by lydiandragon at Medium (/ [at] lydiandragon/a-lesbian-flag-for-everyone-cef397b89459) and revised (the colors were rearranged) by Maya Kern. I can't post a direct link for some reason, but I recommend reading it.

Flag meanings:

"Sappho describes her lover as wearing violets, rosebuds, dill and crocuses. Reading this, it was like a puzzle came together in my head, all at once.

It was the crocuses that especially caught my eye. Crocus flowers are pretty incredible; they can bloom even with snow still on the ground. They are strong and hardy flowers. In the opposite of that spectrum, you have roses, soft and fragile.
The yellow in the flag is strength, and the pink fragility. Both are allowed. Both are okay. You can be both. And you are not less or more for either.

Then there is the dill green. Green has always been associated with nature, with growth, and with healing. Appropriately, did you know that soldiers in ancient times applied burnt dill seeds to their wounds, to help healing? Me neither, until further research into it.

What’s more, this flag is made of web safe colours, meaning they will display the exact same on all monitors and browsers."
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I thought this flag was deemed to be offensive to lesbians; lesbianphobic.

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No, it's a for all lesbians but it's also called sapphic which sapphic is an umbrella for lesbian.
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I've seen a lot of speculation about this flag being highly offensive.

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One my friends were talking about that and they said it's not highly offensive which I have talked about in a group with lesbians on a social media and they saying it's not offensive. Kt's mostly for people who are sapphic only which can be lesbian of course but I'm not saying an argument or anything but could you tell me something about that it could be offensive for what people are saying?
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Will, actually it's not supposed to be. I mean it's an all lesbian flag but from what I've heard it's never been offensive for social medias I've been on but it's people's choices to think it's offensive or also want. The most offensive one that I have heard mostly for lesbian history is the lipstick lesbian flag and the pink normal one without the lipstick actually because it only resembles femininity for females only and not studs/butchs lesbians.
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The normal pink isn't offensive tbh.

Here's proof:

This is not my image either!

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Ah, okay thank you for telling me! There is a lot of misconceptions and other stuff about this. I'm in a lot of groups for lesbians just for my support. So I get a lot of things mixed up but thanks again mate!
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