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Lesbian: A person who is a woman or partially a woman who feels attraction, be it romantic and/or sexual, to other women and partial women.

This is an adaptation of the lipstick lesbian flag by This Lesbian Life. We do not know who first removed the lipstick to represent all lesbians, though.

All designs in this gallery are HQ and are free to use for anything pride-related! You can download the full size on the right sidebar. Do not hesitate to ask questions, submit new designs, or request combos, I'm happy to help!

Check out my FAQ here if you'd like to know more! There's links to masterlists of all the different genders/orientations I know of too!
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Best lesbian flag out there! <33
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what am i supposed to do with this information?

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You may wish to update this post, many people no longer associate themselves with this flag as it was made by a racist and transphobe, the new lesbian flag uses orange and pink, you can find it at official-lesbian-flag @ tumblr.
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Some people still prefer the original one, though.
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You really going to condone people who knowingly use a flag made by a transphobe and racist?"
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Absolutely. The flag doesn't have any connection to her opinions and it doesn't reflect them in any way. There was also another one that people are getting pissed about made by someone else using a similar design.
that and the new one's hideous. The orange and the pink do not go well together.
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I would have to disagree on the flag not having connections with her opinions as the colors were intended to reflect that of more "feminine" lesbians, completely excluding butch lesbians, whom the creator was not keen on.  While it is possible to distance a creator from their work, the intention is still there.

That point is just your opinion and doesn't carry any weight here.

But irregardless to all of this, if we want to respect other peoples opinions and what flags they use, perhaps replacing this post completely may not be the best if for nothing else as a record, or perhaps specifying in the title that this is the lipstick lesbian flag.  This account should also still post the newly adopted flag, which I cannot seem to find in their gallery, but I suppose it is possible I missed it.
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Well, it... IS a lipstick lesbian flag.... of course it would exclude butch. Though, it is used for the entire community, so I don't know.
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And that is where my problem comes from, a flag being used for the whole lesbian community should represent the whole community, not exclude certain parts that the creator does not like.  That's just not right.  If the flag were being used by people who identify as a lipstick lesbian, it would be fine, sure, I may still not like the creator's intentions or views, but it at least wouldn't be painting the whole community with the same brush.
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It's my flag, but I don't like this flag. Maybe it's because I don't like "girly" colors. Are there other lesbian flags?
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This is an old comment, but I thought I should reply in case you are still unaware, but yes, there was a vote some time ago on tumblr and twitter to choose a new lesbian flag design as this one, the lipstick lesbian flag, was found to be made by a transphobe and a racist, if you go to official-lesbian-flag on tumblr they have the new design the voters chose which is orange, white, and pink.  If that's still too "girly" for you, there are numerous other designs such as the moon and sun lesbian flags and a blue, white, and purple flag design done by a tumblr user (anurtransyl; I don't recommend going to their blog now, it seems to redirect to a porn site for whatever reason.), which you can find on google just by searching blue and purple lesbian flag, it's the first result.
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its sad that the original creator of this lesbian flag was someone who was against transgender people.
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That's the lipstick one, not this one.
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i know this comment is old but this is misinfo since this flag directly came from that flag, they're the same flag, this just doesn't have the lipstick

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Different creators, so they're not the same

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let's just forget the fact that this flag was stolen from a terf.

because we don't need any discourse.
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was it actually? 
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...commenting again because I found the wrong name for the designer, sorry! It should be Natalie McCray.
Sorry for replying to an old comment but I'm writing down a list of the people who designed each (popular/common) LGBT flag so I'm just wondering how you know Natalie McCray designed this flag? I can't find her name anywhere on the blog this flag originally came from.
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