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Intersex: "An intersex person is born with sexual anatomy, reproductive organs, and/or chromosome patterns that do not fit the typical definition of male or female. This may be apparent at birth or become so later in life. Intersex people, just like anyone else, may identify as any sexual orientation or gender identity.

Being intersex is often treated as a medical disorder which should be corrected with treatments such as hormone therapy or surgery to "normalise" sex characteristics. If an intersex condition is discovered at birth or during childhood then medical procedures may be performed without the child or parent giving consent or even being aware, and many intersex people are not notified of their condition even as adults. Because of this culture, the intersex community often denotes assigned sex using the terms CAFAB and CAMAB, standing for Coercively Assigned Female/Male At Birth.

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An alternate intersex flag proposed by anonymous. I designed the original flag to look like an orchid and put it in my flag scraps folder and anonymous picked and edited it to be an alternate flag. 
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I adore the intersex flags you made and the crucial information that you work very hard on, so kudos to you, Pride-Flags!!!! :)

By the way, you're amazing!!!! (This is coming from a non-intersex/perisex and cisgender lady who LOVES learning more about MOGAI)