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Intergender: Intergender is a gender identity under the nonbinary and transgender umbrella terms. Intergender people have a gender identity that is in the middle between the binary genders of female and male, and may be a mix of both. The word "intergender" has been independently coined by different people at different times, resulting in two main differences in meaning:

1. Some of them have given it as an identity label that any person can use, even if they are not intersex (dyadic) themselves. This definition seems to have been coined earlier, at least in the 1990s.

2. Others have said that "intergender" can only by used by people who are intersex, and that intergender is an identity only for intersex people. Intersex people need words for gender identities that correlate only with intersex bodies. In that case, dyadic nonbinary people should respect intersex people by taking up a different label than intergender for themselves, such as androgyne or bigender.

All designs in this gallery are HQ and are free to use for anything pride-related! You can download the full size on the right sidebar. Do not hesitate to ask questions, submit new designs, or request combos, I'm happy to help!

Check out my FAQ here if you'd like to know more! There's links to masterlists of all the different genders/orientations I know of too!
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