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Idem- (This definition is for Idemromantic, but can be used with alterous, sensual, queerplatonic, and sexual (i think)). A subset of gray romanticism (“between aromantic and alloromantic”).

TL;DR: Internally experiences romantic and platonic attraction similarly; categorizes relationships and feelings as romantic or platonic based on factors other than presence or lack of romantic attraction

Definition: Categorizes relationships and feelings as platonic or romantic but experiences no notable internal differences. They may categorize certain relationships as romantic instead of platonic based on age, personality compatibility, emotional closeness, ease of living together, presence of sexual attraction, or other factors. But their feelings toward their romantic interests would not be particularly distinguishable from platonic feelings and may be similar to how they feel for a best friend or beloved family member. They may pursue platonic, quasiplatonic, romantic, or no relationships.

Idem can be a modifier (“I’m idem-homoromantic”) or its own thing (“I’m idemromantic”). “Idemro” is the shortened version (as well as “grayro”).

‘Idem’ means ‘the same’ in Latin.
‘Idemro’ is the shortened version.
Idemros may also consider themselves aro, grayro, quoiro, cupioro, alloro, etc.
Idemros may pursue platonic, quasiplatonic, romantic, or no relationships."

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Term source: Anonymous

Edit: Changed the colors to be darker since it looked almost identical to the cupio flag.

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this looks good now! another thing u could do is switch the placement of the black and purple stripes maybe as an alt. flag, jic u end up thinking it still looks too similar to cupio-. either way good work
BrokenWings11ofnone's avatar
this looks almost exactly the same as the cupio flag 
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Oh yikes, I didn't even notice that, idk what to do about it though D: I can maybe make the purple and black darker at least
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yeah i think a darker purple would work
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Fixed, thanks for pointing it out!