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Graygender / Gray Agender

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Graygender or Gray Agender: is a term that describes a nonbinary gender that is weak and/or indeterminate or that the individual themself is not that invested in their gender. 

Here’s what the colours mean:

Grey: The spectrum of experience this identity covers, since people identifying as graygender might feel gender to a lesser or greater degree than one another.

Blue: represents graygender as an identity and experience, which I’ve always thought of in terms of deep ocean water - it’s calm but it still has a subtle fluidity and variation, and because it’s darker deep below the surface it’s harder to determine what’s going on in it, but it’s still beautiful and full of interesting and mysterious things.

White: represents the purity and validity of graygender people and our experiences . Even if we feel gender less often or strongly than most, or don’t present it as much, etc., doesn’t make our gender lesser or invalid.


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