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Genderqueer is an umbrella term with a similar meaning to non-binary. It can be used to describe any gender identities other than man and woman, thus outside of the gender binary. Genderqueer identities can include one or more of the following:

  • Both man and woman
  • Neither man nor woman (genderless, agenderNeutrois)
  • Moving between genders (gender fluid)
  • Third gender or other-gender
  • Those who do not or cannot place a name to their gender
  • Having an overlap of, or blurred lines between, gender identity and sexual orientation
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are there any other genderqueer flags?? cuz' i don't like this one, idk why
JDLuvaSQEE's avatar
😊 yaaaay! The Genderqueer flag is pretty!
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Is there such thing as a person who often switches from female or male to gender neutral back to either female or male? Because that represents me.
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Of course there's such a thing, unless you're telling me that you don't exist.
I think genderfluid would fit, if you want to coin something that's more specific that's up to you.
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