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Genderless: a gender identity in which one experiences an absence of gender, usually interchangeable with agender, but some might prefer it over agender.

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Hi. Just wanted to say that the term "Genderless" is not interchangable with "Agender". If we compare gender as a some kind of drawing, Agender is like having a canvas but Genderless feels as if they don't even have one. Refer to this discussion for more information:

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Do you think you could make a version without the genderless symbol on the flag?
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I prefer this term to agender, honestly. Could you make a primusgenderless flag and a sequiboy flag? Could you then also make a combo flag with primusegenderless and sequiboy? I know you're busy with school, so take all the time you want and need!
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Thank you! Sorry it took so long to say thanks! But I greatly appreciate it :) I feel genderless just explains my feelings better - like there is maleness and then just pain emptiness of gender inside me ^-^
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