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Genderhu: Kind of like a musical feel to it, a flow like a ribbon floating down in the sky. Peaceful calm flows and vibes as a gender.
This term is exclusive to Chinese people.

Flag meaning: 胡 (hu) is one of the characters used for the name of an instrument, 二胡 (erhu). It is basically a type of guitar, but with just two strings. Since this gender is supposed to be described as music, this is mostly likely where the term came from. The flag here reflects that, being two long dark bars representing the two strings. The background is red since that is a common color in china for luck and happiness, and the character 胡 (hu) being in yellow to represent freedom, in this case freedom from the gender binary!

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Ethnic Chinese person here. Please don't coin gender terms and then claim it is exclusive to Chinese people when said gender term has nothing to do with any gender role or gender Chinese culture has had.

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We did not coin the term or create the flag. This is just an archive where we collect all flags together. These flags were created by a Chinese person