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Gay Man (Original proposed)

Two years late and I'm just learning about a ton of discourse surrounding this flag. APPARENTLY some truscum/transmed took this flag and reuploaded it, wording it in a way that made everyone think it was made by them (and "official"). Also,it seems like it's been co-opted by truscum and transphobes to exclude trans and nonbinary gay men.

So I'll try to clear things up.
Around May 2017 an anon made a suggestion on my blog ask-pride-color-schemes about a flag specifically for gay men:
Relating to the old discussion on a separate flag just for gay men a while back (since the regular gay flag tends to be used for LGBT overall). Since theres a lesbian flag that is the lipstick lesbian flag minus the lipstick symbol, maybe a gay man pride flag could be the gay bear flag without the bear symbol? Alternatively, maybe the same set up as the lesbian flag, but using blue and purple colors instead of red and pink. Just some suggestions!
I responded saying that a blue and purple one would look too much like the butch lesbian flag so I suggested this blue and green one (also that a bear pride without the paw would probably be confusing).

I posted it and it never got a follow up from anon and the post got like 6 notes so I just moved on with my life. I did see it around once or twice but never thought about it much because I've helped make lots of flags before.

This was never meant to be a finalized design, it was simply a suggestion since the anon's was too similar to the butch lesbian flag.

I'm going to contact the creator of the edited flag gayflagblog and work with him and the pride server I'm in to come up with meanings for the stripes so hopefully truscum/transphobes will stop using this one.

Definitely going to keep the top/middle/bottom stripe meanings but would also like to add stripe(s) for ace/aro/mspec gay men.
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I think this gay man flag is way better than the teal and navy/purple one in my opinion.