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Fluidflux / Fluxfluid / Genderfliux (2)



Fluidflux, Fluxfluid, or Genderfliux: A fluid gender identity that varies in intensity between feeling very gendered and feeling less gendered or without a gender. The gendered-feeling part of the identity is fluid. 

Basically, you’re both genderfluid and genderflux.

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I've been so confused lately. This whole week has thrown my ideas of being subboy out the window in a way. Recently, my genderlessness has remained static, but my maleness has increased by a lot. I'm start to wonder if I am fluidflux with my maleness being flux while my genderlessness is completely static. Odd. Would that count as fluidflux or something else? I mean, I did feel 90% genderless and 10% male, but I know feel the maleness has grown more to 30% while the genderlessness has stayed the same. Just a little confused right now.