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Erotogender (1)

Erotogender: A gender or genders that are felt specifically under sexual circumstances, felt specifically in sexual contexts, different to what is generally felt in other contexts and situations. A significant shift in gender/s during sexual situations or context. Someone who identifes as this may feel different gender/s in a sexual context compared to the rest of the time.

They may only experience dysphoria for the specific gender/s during sexual situations, or suddenly no longer experience dysphoria due to gender/s shift. The gender/s of the person’s sexual sense of self is significantly different to their usual gender/s. They may be different gender/s in their sexual fantasies, during sexual activity, or when they experience sexual attraction. It can be any gender or set of genders (culture specific genders are restricted to people of those cultures).

Color meanings:

Dark red represents conflict/struggle, since it’s hard to be erotogender in our society for a number of reasons;

Orange represents pride and conviction about being erotogender;

Light gray represents fluidity;

The pink heart represents erotism, sexual desire, sexuality, the act of being sexual, whatever else you want to call it.

Coined by: ske-lee-ton 
Designed by Mod Tath/Nbandproud

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